News The condemned 2... Starring Randy Orton?

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    Isn't the concept of Condemned Battle Royale/Hunger games but with soldiers? Wouldn't this then cause the same outrage as when Orton was set to star in the Marine 3? Assuming he plays a soldier of course.
  2. It seems Randy Orton may be taking some time off indeed at some point in the near future.. the reason being because he's been slated to star in the sequel to The Condemned.

    I personally liked the first one, having Vinnie Jones and Manu Bennett in addition to SCSA was pretty awesome.. I don't believe it made any money in fact I think it lost money so I'm not sure why they decided to make a sequel after so long but whatever.. maybe this one will be a little bit better.
  3. lol damn I went to the bathroom and you beat me to finishing up and posting the thread Stop!
  4. I liked the one with SCSA. Will definitely watch this one.
  5. The Condemned was about prisoners being forced to hunt down and kill one another, not soldiers. The article says Orton will be playing a former bounty hunter, so there shouldn't be an issue from any butt-hurt Marines this time around. I'm amused that there was ever a small outrage over Orton originally being cast to play the lead role in The Marine 3 (a fictional movie) just because he got court-martialed by the real-life marines back in the day. Never mind that he's expressed regret over it since then and everything.

    I enjoyed The Condemned, but that was largely because of Steve Austin (and Vinnie Jones.) Orton being in the lead role doesn't exactly sound enticing to me.
  6. Being patriotic means a great deal to a lot of people. "The Few. The Proud. The Marines."
    The last thing any marine would want would be Randy Orton being paid and adulated for a role that he doesn't deserve.
    I hate typing that, but that is overwhelming perspective of those Orton served with at his base.

    Nobody wants to insult our Armed Forces and certainly the media wants no part of insulting our marine corps.
    Whether it was fictional or not, what Orton did was disgraceful (even though he paid his debt), but Orton should NOT benefit in any form even perusing the USMC name.
    Our servicemen are paid minuscule amounts to serve our country and endure familial stress. Orton being paid to represent a marine hero is a media nightmare.
  7. I get that Patriotism is a big thing for some people but at the end of the day, it's still just a fictional role and Orton has apologized for what he did back then. "Apologized" as in if he could go back and do things differently, he would.
  8. All any one person can do is accept an apology. There's no sense in analyzing whether or not somebody is contrite.
    I saw the interviews of men who served with Randy Orton while in the USMC. Whether it was for effect or not, the men seemed pretty 'butt-hurt' about it.
    Patriotic or not, I can empathize with our soldiers' take on the matter. I also believe that going to the extent of b*tching about it on live TV is bush.

    Ultimately, if I had served with Orton, my choice would be to ignore him if I walked by the guy. I wouldn't call media or even answer questions about it. It isn't ME.
    Unfortunately, we live in a society and, as such, its necessary to read every argument and come to a fair conclusion. I'm satisfied with the decision that was made.
  9. Marines are just mad because they make less than the Navy. Go Navy! :yes:
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