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  1. *Ryan Blake is in the ring wearing a black suit. There is a table with the contract for Buster Gates VS Alice Xander. The Undisputed World Championship is in the ring on a red stand with the light shining on it showing all its glory*

    Ryan Blake: Champions. The best of the best. Sunday will be the biggest night in wrestling history when the two best wrestlers in the world go one on one. Alice Xander VS Buster Gates will be the phenomenon that shocks the world on Sunday night. Alice Xander came into Precision as a joke and not one person other than himself thought he could be World champion. He doesn't care what other people think and shows us each and every night that anyone can do what they love if they want it bad enough. Buster Gates came into Precision with attitude and ruthless aggression. He doesn't want to be liked because he doesn't care about being liked. Buster Gates wants to be World champion and will do anything to reach that goal. Both these men have what it takes to be World champion but only one can be the best. Tonight we will make it official when both of these men sign this contract in the middle of the ring. I think I've said enough so let's get this shit started,. Allow me to welcome the undefeated......Alice Xander!

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  2. After 3 weeks of showing just how damn good this noob really is, and partly because Buster threatened to leave if he won the World Title because he's a prick, the fans everywhere in the whole damn arena are cheering and some even singing along to Barbie Girl... A big difference from the mild reactions over the past few weeks. It's probably just the hate for Bus Boy Buster though. Anyway, Alice comes out of The Alice Position to an ovation, to say the least and is dancing along, obviously in a delightful mood after going an impressive three wins and zero losses in the entirety of his pro wrestling career, only another 170 to go. He makes his way down the ramp, dishing out high fives like they're drugs, giving everyone in the front row their dose before running up the steps and entering the ring. He wastes no time and grabs the World Title and putting it on his shoulder before sitting in his seat. The GM with a name that makes his sound like a gay vampire from Twilight questions Alice as to why he's got his grubby mitts all on a title that he hasn't yet earned and telling Alice to put it down. Alice picks up the microphone and speaks.

    Alice: Ladies and gentlemen! My name, is Alice Xander! And I am feeling pretty damn woozy right now! And my coffee tasted funny, but none the less and never fear because your Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!... Has arrive!
    The fans pop for a rather high Alice Xander (despite the fact that he should have said "Is here" since it would've rhymed, but what do I know... I'm just a writer) And Who the f**k spiked is coffee? He's annoying enough as it is!
    Mr Blake: Your actually not World Champ yet...
    Alice: Nonsense! I won it last week at N.O.C! And this is our celebration dinner! By the way, where's the food too?
    Mr Blake: This isn't a celebration dinner and you ain't the World Champ yet...
    Alice: Are you on drugs or something? Of course I'm the champ, I came down here with the title didn't I?
    Mr Blake: No, you didn't...
    Alice: Ugh! You're an idiot... You don't even know who the champion of your own company is...
    Mr Blake: YOU'RE NOT THE CHAMPION YOU FFFFFFFFF... an favourite!
    Now that was a sucky save.
    Alice: Yes, I know these people love me... And it's the love that they spread that gave me the courage and determination to overcome my greatest challenge at N.O.C! I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!... YO MAMMY! I DID IT!
    Alice jumps out of his seat and begins running around the table with the title and the microphone... I say running, more like stumbling but still. After 3 whole laps, Alice sits back down.
    Mr Blake:... What the hell was I thinking even signing you?
    Alice: Uh, probably money, money, more money... Damn that guy's sexy and money.
    You can almost see and feel Ryan Blake's heart sink in disappointment at the thought of Alice becoming the World Champion after this... Since Mr Blake wants this to end quickly now, he decides to bring out Buster.

    OOC: Back to you Frosty, bring that Brock Lesnar haircutted bastard!
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    *Ryan Blake brings the microphone back up to his mouth. Before he can speak, Buster's music hits.*
    *Reginald is the first to appear from behind the curtain carrying a microphone and a piece of paper.*
    Reginald: On behalf of Buster Gates I have been requested to read the following...
    *Reginald clears his throat.*
    Reginald: Ladies, gentlemen, peasants alike, please stand with ovation as the man, the MONEY man, the next Undisputed Champion of the wooooooorld!... Buster Gates! Makes his way down to the ring.
    *Buster's music hits again. Boos fill up the arena. Buster appears from behind the curtain, smile on his face wearing a white suit and sunglasses. He grabs the microphone out of Reginald's hand and begins to speak as he makes his way down the ramp.*
    Buster Gates: Thank you, Reg for such a beautiful, thought provoking introduction... These people still don't quite understand what is on the line in this match up. I've seen the looks I'm getting backstage. I've seen the jeers, the whispers... No-one can tell if I'm being serious or not when I say that once I win the Undisputed Championship I'm leaving. Well, I've said it the past two weeks and I'll say it again... Once I beat Alice Xander this weekend and win the gold, I'm leaving. FOR GOOD!
    *Buster and Reginald reach the ring. The two enter.*
    Buster Gates: Why would I even lie about that? Why would I waste my time trying to trick you people? Are people waiting for a "big swerve"? There is no swerve. There is no tricks, no lies. I've had enough. I don't want to spend my time here with ungrateful idiots, bad competition and being gawked at by snot nosed simpletons who watch this dump every week. Everyone knows that this is without a doubt the show that's voted most likely to die, and I don't want to be associated with losers! So, again... I'm going to win this championship right here, prove finally that I am without a doubt THE BEST in this business and walk away on top of my game.
    *Boos reign down.*
    Buster Gates: Ryan, I don't care about you, this company or anyone else in it. All I want is the gold. I don't care for the fact that you've spent an entire month building up this tournament to have you end with two possible results. Either result A, you're stuck with this idiot here as your champ. Ohoho, I'm sure Alice Xander will make you all the money. I'm sure this sinking ship will be saved when he's at the helm... Or you've got result B... Me winning the Undisputed Championship and walking away, leaving you without a champion, a show that's already teetering and you'll be in the same position you were in a month ago. What the hell are you really going to do when I inevitably win and you're left with nothing, huh? Do you have a backup plan? Are you even fit to run this place? You're stuck between a rock and a Buster and you don't now what to do. But hey, in the slim chance that puff the magic dragon over here somehow beats me, at least you've got a champion, right?
    *Buster clicks his fingers as boos continue to pour in. Reginald picks up the contract and a pen and gives it to Buster. Buster quickly signs it and throws it at Alice Xander. It his him in the chest and falls to the mat.*
    Buster Gates: I hope you both fully understand what is happening here. I'm holding the championship hostage. The ball is in my court. Unless you pull something out of your ass at Night of Champions, you and this entire place is going down in flames...
    *Buster exits the ring and slowly begins walking up the ramp. He is interrupted by Alice Xander.*
  4. Alice: Uh, hey Buster! Oi! Hey!
    Buster continues to walk up the ramp, not even glancing back at Alice.
    Alice: Buster! Yo Mamma's so fat, she made Shamu The Whale look like Nemo!
    Buster lets off a slight smirks at the highly lame mother joke and he continues walking. Alice, not wanting this segment to end with a boring, generic leavers rant that totally wasn't done in 2011 decides to leave the ring and jog (Stagger) up right behind Buster.
    Alice: Hey Buster, hey Buster, hey Buster, hey Buster, hey Buster...
    Buster is slowly getting annoyed, they reach the top of the ramp. Alice begins to tap Buster on the shoulder while repeatedly saying...
    Alice: Hey Buster.
    Buster finally turns round and hits Alice's hand off of his shoulder and give Alice a little push backwards, which Alice oversells and falls to the floor. Buster goes to leave but Alice quickly gets to his feet and maybe in an act of desperation to get a response from Buster, he slaps Reg across the face and damn near knocks him out in what may have been the single most badass thing Alice has ever done, until he realizes what he's done in an act of drugged desperation and try's to help Reg back up...
    Alice: Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Did I ruin your suit? That's a nice suit! I'm sorry I dirtied your suit!
    Buster's pissed.
  5. *Buster removes his glasses and walks up to Alice, pushing him backwards with his chest. Alice tries to back up, afraid of what Buster might do to him. Buster turns around to check on Reginald. He helps him to his feet and ushers him back through the curtain. As he does so Alice tries to follow Buster. Buster turns around a delivers a vicious right hook to the face. Alice falls to the floor stunned.*
    Buster Gates: Who the hell do you think you are?!
    *Buster picks him back up and grabs him by his shirt.*
    Buster Gates: You think this is the right thing to do? You think making me angry is smart, you little bitch?!
    *Buster drags him over to the minitron and throws him into it. More boos begin to fill the arena. Alice lies at the top of the stage in pain. Buster rips off his shirt and goes walks back over to Alice. He picks him up by hits legs and hits him with the Lift-up Powerbomb. Alice's head smacks hard on the stage. Buster looks around the arena, visibly pissed. The camera man manages to catch Buster shouting.*
    Buster Gates: This is EXACTLY why I'm leaving! People like this guy... I am taking that title and ending him in the process!
    *Buster turns around to Alice and kicks him in the stomach before returning back through the curtain.*