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    *Ryan Blake is in the ring wearing a black suit. There is a table with the contract for Chris Young VS Alice Xander. The Undisputed World Championship is in the ring on a red stand with the light shining on it showing all its glory*

    Ryan Blake: Here we are once again. Money In The Bank is just around the corner and now is a better time than any to get this thing going. I'm not going to say anything about Chris Young or Alice since you know what they can do because they are here ready for a world title match at our biggest PPV yet. I can see you're getting bored so how about we start this damn contract signing?! Welcome.......Chris Young!

    *Ryan begins to wait as Chris Young makes his entrance.

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  2. *Chris and Lilith Young walk out arms hooked both are dressed in jeans and band shirts with Chris wearing a sports coat over his.
    He enters the ring and Lilith moves to the corner behind Chris as Chris takes a microphone and an annoyed look on his face,*

    : Yea yea can we get this over with, I Know and we know I won this already.
    That world title is mine and as the leader of The Revolution Era I will take this belt and make it great again!
    I'm the show and I'm not going to say much, But I'm the top standard and no one can hold a flame to me.
    Actions speak better than words so at this event I will bring the show down like a wildfire!
    I Will walk into Money in the Bank and start the revolution.
    Alice, Hate is a strong word, But I really, really, really don't like you
    It's only a part of the game we live in, going hollow for this championship.
    And at the time that bell rings, I will break your dreams by breaking your neck.

    *Chris Signs the contract*

    Chris: Now Alice, Get out of your wonderland and get out here, It's Showtime!​
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  3. The single greatest theme music in professional wrestling history hit and despite collapsing the last two weeks and getting into it, the crowd lets out a massive raw of applause for Alice Xander, who walks out from behind the curtain. He seems fine, and is dancing around to his music but looks as if he's putting on a brave face. He dances down to the ring, dishing out a few high fives and enters it. He grabs a microphone and well, you know. Time to entertain!
    Alice: Huh... It's been a rough few weeks hasn't. Now Chris, before I get into blatantly taking the pee out of you... Which I will. I need to address someone. Jacky boi Rogue!
    The crowd pops like crazy at the mention of the most over character in this place.
    Alice: I provoked you last week, not because I don't like you or that I don't respect you. Actually it's quite the opposite. There's nobody that I respect more than you and I was looking to prove myself and you, you're everything that I've wanted to be in the wrestling business so who better to prove myself against?... Now, I know last week didn't end well but we will face off one more time and I look forward to it man. Good luck at Money In The Bank.
    The crowd mildly cheers this show of respect. Alice signs the contract, just to get it over with so he doesn't forget.
    Alice: Now... Chris and prozzy young. Actually, what I'm going to do is dissect what you just said, since that was kind of my thing once upon a gimmick...
    (4th wall break)
    Alice: So...
    Impersonates everyone's favourite baddy, Anthony Black, trying to get that New Jersey accent down but royally failing... Bon Jovi'd be pissed.
    Alice: We all know you've won huh? Well, I mean I know I'm pure talent and these are the smartest fans in the world but this ain't that Gorilla Monsoon movie about that wrestling organisation in an alternate universe, the finishes of these matches ain't predetermined and therefore there's no way that you, me or anyone could one hundred percent know the outcome of the match.
    Well, most of that matches ain't predetermined... You think I lost to Jack Rogue on accident?
    Alice: And another thing! Who in the pink hell made you leader of The Revolution Era? I don't remember there being a vote or a political campaign! I'm freaking outraged! How come I wasn't a candidate!?... Son of a bi... sexual.
    Actually a pretty good save.
    Alice: I...
    Ryan Blake interrupts and informs Alice that he's only dissected 2 lines of Chris Young's speech.
    Alice: Uh, well I'll be here a long time! Anyway, line 3 states!...
    Ryan Blake quickly takes the microphone from Alice and says some bollocks.

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    @TheFrostyBlur here you go, I just delivered the greatest segway into your speech ever... Now don't mess it up. Amateur.
  4. *Everyone in attendance stands up on their feet. Is it really Buster Gates? Is he really back? Chris Young and Alice Xander look up the ramp from the ring. After a while, Buster finally walks out onto the stage, Undisputed Championship around his waist. Most of the audience boo. Buster has been gone since he won the championship back at Night of Champions. He looks around the arena before heading down towards the ring with his man servant Reginald close behind him. He wastes no time entering the ring and waits for Reginald to join him. His music stops. Boo's are more audible now. Chris Young stands in one corner of the ring as Alice Xander and Ryan Blake stand at the opposite side. Buster removes his glasses and stares at the two men who are about to sign the contract. He cracks his neck and walks over to the red stand where a second Undisputed Championship is on display. He looks at it whilst readjusting the one he has around his waist, unclipping it and holding it in his hand. He grabs the second belt and holds them both together, one in each hand. Buster smiles. He turns back to Reginald before showing him both the championships together. Buster holds both championships in in the air before quickly rolling out the ring. His music plays again. Buster doesn't even acknowledge the men standing in the ring as he walks back up the ramp, now with a championship draped over each shoulder. He returns backstage without saying a word.*
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  5. *Ryan Blake smiles as both men remain confused in the ring. Ryan Blake grabs the contract and leaves the ring. He makes his way up to the ramp and drops the contract on the stage. He begins to laugh as he speaks*

    Ryan Blake: Hahah.....Fuck that was good! You two idiots didn't see it coming! It was fucking perfect and I pulled it off without anyone knowing! Do you think I would let my biggest moneymaker go? Alice....You're a shadow of Buster Gates and that's being nice. Chris....you're just kind of there. Do you think I would book the main event with you two dicks? No fucking way my friends! You two don't bring in the ratings and Buster Fucking Gates does! Everyone loves to hate Buster Gates. The truth is though Buster Gates is the best. And to be honest he's a fucking cool guy. So if you two knuckleheads didn't figure it out yet.....Buster Gates has been added to the main event of Money In The Bank! And if you both try to get out of it *Picks up the contract* You can't! You two idiots signed the damn thing without reading it! Hahaha....I'm so fucking good at this job! Also....remember the owner? Yeah....the fucking dick? He's done.

    *Ryan Blake takes out another contract he had under his suit*

    Ryan Blake: This contract isn't for you guys.....You're not good enough to sign this. This contract is for ownership of the company. That's fucking right.....Me and Buster Gates are the new owners of Precision! We're partners!

    *Ryan Blake laughs as he takes both contracts leaving the stage area. The crowd are booing Ryan Blake. Both Chris Young and Alice are in shock. We get one last view of the arena before this week's Precision ends*
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