The cool new briefcase of Damien Sandow

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  1. If you saw Smackdown, Sandow has nice new buisness briefcase deign and a new MITB contract, I think it looks good, fits more of his personality and puts a nice spin on MITB. Anyone else have a different opinion on the new briefcase?
  2. I think that instead of saying "if you watched..." you should search for the video...

    This is the video:
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  3. yeah I was lazy
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  4. Looks awesome. It also convinces me he isn't cashing in anytime soon since they'll probably want to show off this new briefcase on-screen as long as possible.
  5. This is awesome.. Simply awesome. The old briefcases looked so tacky and cheap so I'm happy they were able to get a new one that fits who Sandow is. Now it's time for a new one for Orton.

    Also, I hope that the change is permanant in the briefcase, it would suck to see this awesome briefcase of awesomeness this year and then next MITB? LOL BLUE CHEAP TOY. ENJOY KIDDIES.
  6. Looks like a big chocolate bar.
  7. Ortons shouls have shit on it and in it!
  8. There's really no point in the red or blue colors anymore since the world titles no longer belong to either Raw or Smackdown anymore. The WHC appears on Raw as well as SD and since there's no official brand split, there's nothing stopping the WWE Champion from appearing on SD more often (such as Punk did earlier this year.) You've even got Bryan, who's challenging for the belt, appearing on SD.

    I don't think Orton should exchange his briefcase for another model though, it makes Sandow's briefcase stand out more as a special case designed just for him this year, and Orton probably won't be holding onto his very long anyway.
  9. YES! Orton needs a custom briefcase too, Idk if that would be a permanant design for MITB, it kinda only fits Sandow's Indeletual Savior of MITB gimmick.
  10. Damien Sandows faps to Nina Hartley.
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  11. Really understandable. I did the slight job for you.
  12. i wonder if they keep it old one was shit
  13. It really looks great, was a good idea to do this.
  14. Woah, that looks really fucking cool and I like the whole idea. WWE does something right yet again :obama: ... now how long 'till they fuck up Sandow? :haha:
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    Quick question the contract that was a mess and virtually destroyed from the old briefcase, where is it? Is it in this briefcase or is this a fresh contract? I saw Cody messing with it on RAW but what happened to it?

    Danielson you'll know!
  16. Yeah its alright. I dont care about the briefcase, but this works.
  17. It was basically ruined so he got a new one that fits his style.
  18. Thought so. As I was thinking its too clever for WWE but bear with me. The briefcase contains the contract what if Cody still has the original contract whats left if it. Sandow cashes in, Cody lays him out with a chair and then cashes in the actual original paper contract screwing Sandow like he did to Cody at MITB. As the contract is paper not the briefcase.

    Again Danielson I hope you see what I'm getting at lol.
  19. That all works but you'd have to wonder if the contract and it's papers are signed to damien, if so it would be like trying to cash someone elses check. It wouldn't work. Cloud
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