The #Crayluminati Returns

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  1. Since their last attempt to end the world being foiled by a return of Jesus at Lemon Nation Chamber, the #Crayluminati has quieted down and were thought to be defeated.

    However strange occurrences on WWEF has confirmed that the Crayluminati has not been defeated. Just mere days ago everyone's notifications were taken off, around the same time @niggaswag managed to get unbanned to warn the users of WWEF that the #Crayluminati was coming back. Just as he posted it and tagged every member, notifications were erased and tagging people was permanently disabled. The location of @niggaswag is still unknown.

    Then shortly after this the appearance of an red exclamation point appeared saying that we should change our notification settings, but even after you do the red exclamation point does not disappear. I thought to myself why would that be put in place is if it can't be taken away after we check our settings and then I realized that it was not it's true intention. I immediately took out my handy dandy notebook and put the pieces together. We all know the exclamation point is to end a sentence but almost never red. Then I thought, what other punctuation mark would be red and then it hit me......period! You see, the women's menstruation cycle is one of the most devastating times of any man's life and it's just a period. Now an exclamation point is 10x stronger than a period and a #Crayluminati period is 20x worse than that.

    The warning actually comes from @niggaswag and not the #Crayluminati and it's telling us something that we have unforseen. It's telling us that sometime this month Crayo will be menstruating and it won't be like the calm wrath of women during their periods. Crayo will be on his exclamation point which means it will be branded at the e-pocalypse. Threads will be closed for no reason, members will be banned for signing up, Gohan will be running spell check, Dolph's will be giving out Friendly awards, Lady Deathbane still won't give us nudes, Xanth will lose weight, and that is just the first day of Crayo's exclamation point.

    If you thought Crayo's plan to end the world was haven't seen anything yet.
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  2. Lmao, just fantastic.
  3. Stop this trash Cynthio go to bed
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