The Crayluminati Strikes Again

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  1. As we all know, December is the month for Christmas (unless your some other religion, then you need to :gtfo: MERICA! :jbl:) This month is suppose to be about gift receiving, fat old men with beards, going into debt, egg nog, being anti-semitic, oh yeah and jesus' birthday but who the hell cares about that shit. However this month will be different. This month, instead of being greeted by santa, we'll be greeted by satan himself...CRAYO!

    Once again the Crayluminati and it's disciples seek to destroy Christmas and this is how they'll do it.

    1. Jay-Xanth makes a Christmas album entitled "Ridin' round my hood with some presents and shit, fuck niggas, gettin paper. edoC icniV aD ehT dna ,naihsadraK miK ,selgnairT .oyarC retsam ythgim lla ruo ot meht evig dna sluos ruoy ruoved lliw i"

    2. The album will have subliminal messages about how Christmas is for pussies and Santa isn't real.

    3. The song will get into the ears of this man -> :obama: Barack Lesnar

    4. With the subliminal realization that Santa isn't real (which is a lie cause I's seens him) he will have no repercussion for attacking the USA's greatest enemy...The North Pole.

    5. Santa with all his powers and megazords will be no match for the attack.

    6. People across the world will break into riot when they see that there is no gifts on Christmas.

    7. When all forms of order collapse, Crayo will step in and take on the form of SATAN CLAWS.

    8. Satan Claws will deliver Crayola brand products, which are all products of Satanism. Nothing says evil like glitter.

    9. The world's population will be under the control of Crayluminati from excessive arts and crafts.

    This is a warning, stay away from Satan Claws and don't listen to Jay-Xanth or the world will cease to exist.
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  2. Hats off for creativity.

    ffo kcuf woN
  3. :shock:

    :willis: where did you get this information?
  4. wikipedia
  5. :willis:

    So does the nwo in our group stand for the real, non-wwe new world order?
  6. She knows :aries:

  7. :shock:

  8. You are something, Dat Kid. :obama:
  9. Worst piece of shit ive ever read. :true:
  10. You obvs aint read Twilight.
  11. I tried to find a No Fucks meme...

    I just couldn't find the Fucks to find one.
  12. I don't get it, where did this thing start from?
  13. Interesting...
  14. :true:
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