The Creature from Lake Lure and Lucas Justice


The Artiste
Character Name: The Creature from Lake Lure
Nicknames (optional): The Creature
Representation (picture and name of person please):
James Drake
creature from lake lure.jpg
Billed-From: Lake Lure, North Carolina
Age: Unknown
Height: 6 ft 6in
Weight: 333
Gimmick & Backstory: Every creature has a story. But Lucas Justice has yet to tell his story behind his new partner. Is he actually from the swamps of Lake Lure or is it just a guy in a mask? Lucas Justice had not been seen for years and once he did return he brings this monster to LDW. Hailing from Lake Lure, North Carolina the creature is mysterious and a local legend to the locals of Lake Lure. Many people have thought the radiation from local power plants created him, but only the creature and Lucas truly know. Justice has decided to hang his boots up after a serious hunting accident left him blind in one eye and is now managing the Creature from Lake Lure.
In-Ring Attire: Black trunks with moss and pebbles interlaced with the stitches and the mask above adorned to his head.
Theme music:

Entrance: The creature walks out of production with a blank stare and walks towards the ring with Lucas Justice in tow. The creature grabs ahold of the top rope and pulls himself up and steps over the rope. Justice slides into the ring and showcases his monster to the crowd and future victim(s)
In-Ring Style: Big man
Green mist into Bull-hammer elbow. (Spectral Haze)
Signatures: Chokebomb, running kneelift, reverse suplex
Other Common moves: German suplex, hammer fists, big boot, dragon sleeper, staling vader like moonsault, second rope suplex from apron to inside ring, teardrop suplex, running headbutt, running power slam, European upper cut, single leg Boston crab, torture rack, rope assisted DDT, spinning leg lariat.

Manager/Supporting character (If applicable):

Name: Lucas Justice
Representation: Bobby Fish
Relation to wrestler: Manager
Age: 40
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 178 lbs
Dark green business suit with a eye patch covering his right eye.​
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