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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Wacokid27, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Not sure this needs the "Spoiler" tag, but wtf.

    I may be reading too much into this, but, if I'm WWE, I'm worried about the crowd's reaction to the end of the EC.

    The whole idea is that the crowd should respond. If they booed the shit out of Kane and Orton or threw trash or stormed the ring or cheered or chanted or anything, it would be good, because it would mean that the crowd was still invested. They hate Orton or they're pissed Bryan didn't win or Batista rules or anything would be positive because it would be a reaction.

    But, there was no reaction. The crowd just stood there. When the cameras scanned the audience, they just looked stunned. They weren't cheering, booing, or reacting at all. While Bryan sat in the ring with his head down (which was actually a great reaction from a storytelling standpoint), the crowd just stood there looking numb. And this was a crowd that was hot all night. A few moments before, they were thunderous in their "YES!" chants. All night, they were engaged, even when the matches weren't the best. They chanted all sorts of stuff...and some of it even fit the in-ring action (Hell, they were chanting "This is awesome!" before the Shield/Wyatts match even started).

    Has WWE overplayed their hand here? Have they let "the face chases the belt" story go on too long with no payoff?

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  2. :yes: I'm pretty sure some of the people knew Daniel Bryan wasn't going to win, but because of the fact that the ending would be so predictable upset a lot of people. Some of us saw the Kane interference coming and the Wyatts with Cena. I think everyone was just like please let anyone win but Orton. Even with me being a huge Daniel Bryan fan I had my doubts about him walking out as Champion. Can WWE make things anymore predictable?
  3. Qite enjoyed the CM PUNK chants!
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  4. I wouldn't call those looks of silence, more like looks of hearbreak. Heartbreak doesn't come from waiting too long and having the fans give up, it's from the fans caring so much combined with not having faith in the company combined with sealing (for now) the Orton/Batista main event.

    And yeah, we all knew Orton would win and Bryan would get screwed, but predictability doesn't have anything to do with this. If it was predictable and set up something great, noone would complain. But in the back of your mind you don't go into a PPV expecting a shitty finish like that. You always have hope. That's what makes us wrestling fans, the fact that we always have hope for great things from the shows we watch. Anything can happen in the WWE, right? Maybe, just maybe, our little conquering hero can make it in the title picture after all...
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  5. Well I'm starting to lose faith that Bryan will ever win another title. I mean seriously this was the last real chance they had to put Bryan in the title scene and anyone with half a brain cell would realise that he's a hot product right now and pushing him to Main Event Wrestlemania would sell tickets. Instead he gets a feud with Kane/HHH, Also seeing how Reigns took the Pin today, has me in doubts for his Push aswell :/ considering how well their handling this stuff with Daniel Bryan, it's like they just want to push people no one gives a shit about. I can genuinely understand why Punk left, it'd frustrate me aswell.
  6. I think they are right on the edge of having this angle go on for too long. That reaction from the crowd was pure disbelief and disappointment that the company is still screwing Bryan over. Vince is a smart man, as much as some people might think opposite, and he knows that Bryan will have to hold the title and that it will have to be soon. WM30 should be where it happens.. but the problem then is do they just all of a sudden drop the Kane/Bryan feud? Do they have HHH intervene and allow Kane vs Bryan to take place the RAW before WM30 with a stipulation of Bryan wins he gets his title shot.. if he loses he doesn't get a match at WM30 at all? They could have HHH face Bryan at WM30 ending that feud and have Bryan when the title on RAW the next night or at the PPV after WM. There are so many directions they can go but they all eventually lead to Bryan being the champion. But are the fans going to be patient enough to wait?
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  7. I just don't think it will ever happen, after last night I could see alot of people who agree with me. It depresses me that someone who is over as fuck, gets shitted on by the company! Yet someone who is supposed to be a face and loved, is getting booed whilst a full heel, gets cheered for instead, is main eventing the biggest PPV of the Company!
  8. I agree it's frustrating... and to me it's even more frustrating because Batista doesn't even look to be in ring shape.... Del Rio carried that entire match.. he did everything.. then Batista gets a couple punches in then picks him up and BBs him? REALLY?! I know Batista did slightly more than that.. but not much. But afterward it looked like he was ready to fall out in the ring... he doesn't have any stamina. Bryan is in ring shape and putting together some of the best stuff of his entire career every single night.... If WWE is truly not going to ever give Bryan the title then the only thing we, as fans, can do to change their mind is to stop purchasing merch, stop attending live events, stop watching RAW and Smackdown and other televised shows..... hit them in the pocketbook and they will listen... but who in their right mind believes that that will actually happen?
  9. It wont ever happen, Bryan will never get a Push.
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    What would "they're not watching!" mean, though? Wouldn't that be their cue to punish the wrestlers (including the ones we like) for not drawing us in? Or would they see it the way we do?
  11. They would simply see less revenue coming in.... but it will never happen so it's not even relevant to be honest. Real wrestling fans, like most on this site, would probably do it, but we are a minority amongst fans. Most of the wrestling "fans" out there today would drink cyanide if the WWE handed it to them and said it was good for them.
  12. After tonight's crowd and Royal Rumble's crowd and how the crowds on Raw try to be like the other crowds....... I'm really scared for WWE at 'Mania. They are going to shit on Orton vs. Batista. They'll like the rest of the card probably but that main event is going to be shit on so hard......

    Raw after 'Mania 29's crowd this business.
  13. The sad part is if they do it, WWE will do fuck all to change it.
  14. Last night felt like the crowd gave up at the end. Bryan got screwed, again, and they just could not care less. They've had enough of the bullshit. EC was the chance to give the fans what they wanted, have Bryan go over. No one wants to see Orton vs Batista, literally nobody. I was watching it and it got to Batista winning and the reaction was almost silent and I was like "huh, this is the guy who's in the main event of WrestleMania and he's just beaten ADR and no one gives a fuck" - then fast forward to Orton winning, nobody gave a fuck. Nobody. All they cared about was that Bryan lost.

    I'm seriously done with WWE, if this doesn't have some payoff, QUICKLY, I'm so done. I sense something happening on RAW due to the way Cole played out the whole thing on commentary (I thought he was excellent again, really helped get this match over at times) and it seems like they have to do something otherwise the WHOLE of Mania is going to be shit on. Literally. It's fucking pathetic.
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  15. As a long time WWE fan, this is basically the same booking that Austin went through,being screwed over by Vince over n over before he beat the Rock at Mania 15 and the Rock himself went through pre n post wm16 against Triple H and the McMahon-Helmsley regime.Its the chase that sells,and its building towards Bryan getting his moment at wm30 with 70 plus thousand in unison doing the Yes chant.If booked that way it will be the moment everyone is craving.I'm sure Vince sees the money in that, instead of giving Bryan the title at Elimination Chamber.He's to smart to miss this oppurtunity as Bryan is as over as I've ever seen.As for the fans that's the reaction they want as it builds to the payoff.But if they give us Orton/Batista I'll watch Mania just to watch the crowd destroy that match and those 2 blokes careers.
  16. To me, this is the crux of the situation, though. It requires Bryan leaving Mania as Champion.

    In order to have that moment, they have to insert Bryan into the Wrestlemania main event. There are two ways to do this easily, which need to be done tonight on Raw: 1) Have HHH come out and put him in the match at Mania, making it a triple threat, or 2) have D-Bry take the title from Orton tonight, setting up Bryan in the main event (either as a triple threat or having Orton's rematch prior to Mania and having a one-on-one between Bryan and Batista).

    The only other thing I can see is having Bryan's match with HHH early in Mania. After the Orton/Batista match is over (preferably with Orton winning), have Hogan come out and say (something along the lines of): "Brother, you and me both know, jack, that there's only one brother in the back that these people really want to see fight again, jack. So, I'm giving him a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship right now, slick!" That's when Bryan's music hits and he comes down and beats Orton for the title. Cue confetti, music, and "YES!" chants to end the night.

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  17. Your dead right.I have a feeling Vince puts him in there on Raw or they have Bryan go twice at Mania with Hogan involved to give Hogan a moment at Mania as he can't do anything ring wise.I'd prefer that with Hogan as a passing of the torch type of scenario with Bryan then see Hogan anywhere near Cena/Bray as if Hogan gets involved with that Bray is going to lose out and there's big money in that bloke.If Vince goes forward with Orton/Batista hell will break lose at Mania and Raw in Chicago next week could be bad for em as that crowd is notorious for shitting on things they don't like plus they'll be edgy anyway without Punk being there.
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  18. I didn't really think DB would win, I mean with Orton losing so many times in the gauntlet during the weeks leading up to EC it started to look more and more like a title defense. Personally with those 6 that were in the Chamber, I really would've been only happy to see Cesaro or DB come out with a win. I can't believe Orton vs Botchtista is the main event lulz.. that's just .. well.. sickening :emoji_slight_frown:
  19. If they put Bryan into the Mania match tonight, he's winning it. Unless Vince really wants the crowd to shit on Mania :lol1:
  20. As in a Triple THreat? I'd be down for that.. Would bring SOME entertainment to the headlining match at least.
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