Kayfabe The curious case of Caleb

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*Camera fades into Ben Song sitting on his throne holding what looks to be a storybook that has Caleb's face on the front, he has The Webmaster and Reaper standing either side of his throne*
Ben Song: Disciples. You are here to hear a new story that I found about a curious character called Caleb. Now Caleb thought he was special because he decided to preach the Lord's words, little did he know that every single pathetic christian has done the same. Caleb eventually came to the conclusion that he needed his own religion. Now I call it
stultus and I honestly don't know what he calls it, all I know is that a scruffy looking old man pulled a almost destroyed piece of paper from his pocket and called it his Bible, if that does not show just how wretched and worthless Caleb really is then I do not know of something to help show it in any clearer light.
*Ben Song throws the storybook onto the floor as The Webmaster steps forward, lights a match and drops it onto the book. It bursts into flames almost immediately*
Ben Song: You see this fire right here Caleb? This is a metaphor. A metaphor of your career after deciding to mock the disciples.
*Camera pans to the disciples who let out a unanimous boo signalling how much they despise Caleb*
Ben Song: Now Caleb I know that you love old documents so lets take a quote from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." now Caleb I hope this quote speaks to you like it speaks to me. I hope it makes you realize that what I'm doing isn't evil that's just how you're perceiving it with your tiny mind encapsulated in your hokey religion.
*Ben Song looks down to the now pile of ash that lies at his feet*
Ben Song: And with that I do believe the Book of Caleb has been stopped before it even begun
*Ben Song, The Webmaster, Reaper and the rest of the disciples begin to laugh maniacally as the camera fades to black*
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