The current champions of WWE

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  1. This will be updated every time a title change takes place.

    WWE Champion: CM Punk
    Days held: 30+
    Previous holder: Alberto Del Rio

    World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan
    Days held: 2+
    Previous holder: Big Show

    United States Champion: Santino Marella
    Days held: 5+
    Previous holder: Jack Swagger/size]

    Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
    Days held: 130+
    Previous holder: Ezekiel Jackson

    WWE Tag Team Champions: Epico & Primo
    Days held: 7+
    Previous holder: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne - 'Air Boom'

    WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix
    Days held: 79+
    Previous holder: Kelly Kelly
  2. Pretty good idea maybe add in a slight summary under every title holder saying how long they've held the belt ,who the beat for it etc.
  3. Great idea, and good idea seabs too. Will sticky this thread so those returning to watch WWE can catch up :emoji_slight_smile:.
  4. I will add that soon, just going to visit my nanna in hospital now, back at about 4pm :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Sounds good man :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. Okay, editing the thread now! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Darn, so much has changed in only a few months!
  8. Very true. You approve of the changes? Who would you like to see as champions?

    I'm very glad that currently in the transitional period (now to the rumble) that they're experimenting with these characters, as they can definitely put on a great show in the ring.
  9. Haha, last time I watched wresling Punk and Daniel Bryan were new to the indies. Now they're world champs! Damn.

    Punk even looks to be the future top guy, it's pretty amazing really.
  10. It is really amazing to see lol. There was a rehash from the summer of punk angle this year. It didn't really match the previous but it had it's moments. By new do you mean new to ROH or when Punk was in IWA : MS?
  11. Definitely is. Couple years ago Vince wouldn't dream of putting a title on either of these guys. WWE is definitely trying to change.
  12. I want Cena as WWE Champ, any one can have any other position.
  13. I doubt he's going to be for a while, considering he's in a feud with Rock. Unless they actually make that match for the title, which I kind of disagree with.
  14. Title ain't going near Cena/Rock, trust me.
    Also, Vince likes to experiment over the holidays, he always has.
    DB/ZR as champs won't last long, unfortunately.
  15. Zack will, he's not been given that title for the transitional period. He's been given the title because he's massively over, which brings back US Title credibility. Also, because they're pushing Ziggler up to the lower main event now. Though, DB I agree with, I don't think he will be for long.
  16. Seems like the Intercontinental championship changed hands yesterday.

    Intercontinental Champion:Tzesi
    Days held: 1
    Previous holder: Cody Rhodes

    I feel so proud :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Epic post there Tzesi, lmao.
  18. @[Jonathan] need to update this thread for the "days held". :lol:.
  19. Divas do nude ?
  20. @[Crayo] ??