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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Can somebody post it? I genuinely can't remember what it is, or what it'll most likely be, which speaks volumes.

    Going to be working on the bets soon.
  2. They have announced WHC triple threat match: Ziggles, Del Rio and Swagger.
    And I think they announced Cena vs Ryback for the WWE championship, didnt see what the match sitpulation was.
    Hope that helps in some way, dont know about the other titles yet
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  3. AJ vs Kaitlyn
  4. Ziggler vs Swagger vs ADR
    HHH vs Bork cage
    Cena vs Ryberg
    Ladies title match AJ Kailtyn
  5. Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Champion

    Triple H(1-1) vs Brock Lesnar(1-1) in a steel cage match

    John Cena(c) vs Ryback for the WWE Championship

    AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn(c) for the Diva's championship
  6. Bro I just said that.
  7. So yeah, sounds like an exhilarating card then. I'm as pumped for this as I was for WM. :win: (Dammit.)
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  8. Ziggler/Swagger/ADR >>> Wrestlemania
  9. One match to be somewhat excited over (for me). That's about the only match on the card at this point that seems worth watching. The others I really can't say I care for.
  10. Pretty much agree, though I can't help but mark for Lesnar even in matches I don't care about.
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  11. AJ Winning the title would be better than WrestleMania 29 but that match won't be epic or great, we all know Ziggler will retain
  12. awesome card and its on my birthday at 1am
  13. The dirtsheets are speculating a tag title match we all know is coming... Can the IWC withstand the combined forces of Daniel Bryan and the Shield in the same match?

    Also there's going to be some crap between the Titan Towers and Celtic Vipers nobody cares about, so hey. Call it even?
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  14. Celtic Vipers again ehy, they're finally gonna win something on a PPV for a change!
  15. We need a freaking Intercontinental title defense. That title has become so unused it doesn't matter anymore. They really need to put some more meaning with it, because Wade Barrett vs. The Miz would be a pretty good match. Even throwing Fandango in that hunt would be nice, just somthing to put it back on the map.
  16. IC Title? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you mean that thing WB wears around his waste while he comes out to job.
  17. Calling a Fandango match to beef this card up. Be epic if against Cesaro.
  18. Ratings Henry vs Arse Fella is confirmed to be a strap match. Woot.
  19. Oh my :gusta:
  20. This match will be interesting to watch but we all know it will be Sheamus that wins or it could be a surprise win for Mark Henry
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