WrestleMania The current front-runner to face Undertaker at WM 29

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Nov 29, 2012.

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  2. I guess that means he is dropping the title to Rock at RR :sad:
  3. If it was Punk/Taker this i have no issues with could defo be an epic bout as long as Punk was on his A game on the night.
  4. Would be a great match. Not sure I'd book it, but if it happens it'll be good to watch.
  5. I think Punk would cut some pretty epic promos on Taker tbh.
  6. I'm against it. It shouldn't come as a surprise as I've made it perfectly clear I don't want Punk dropping the belt until Mania, and that him facing Taker for the belt would be downright idiotic. Then again, I'm biased against this idea due to how much their feud back in 09 pissed me off. Part of the reason it pissed me off was since early 07, Punk vs. Taker was actually one of my most requested matches, and both their Breaking Point & HIAC match sucked.
  7. Forgot to mention it, would only be OK if it wasn't for the title.
  8. I really want to see this match, but the problem is that I don't want Punk to drop the belt before WM.....
  9. I also don't really want to see him drop the title before WM but I still think Rock may very well take the strap.
  10. Wasn't there talk of doing a streak vs reign match?
  11. I for one would hate for a guy who wrestles one match a year to win the WWE title, and I don't think Punk should break the streak.
  12. I think CM Punk should win the Rumble, beat Rock, go on to Mania and break Undertaker's streak... if he's bored at Elimination Chamber he can destroy Ryback clean with the vice. #trolling
  13. ... I guess this kind of kills my idea for Cena vs Taker in a Last Man Standing.

    What? Who says it can't be a gimmick match?
  14. Unfortunately I think they're gonna do just that, Punk drops the belt to Rock at RR , then it's gonna be Cena vs Rock for the WWE championship and they will take Punk out of the Title picture by building Punk vs Taker at WM :upset:
    I am not saying that it's a bad thing their feud at Smackdown 2 or 3 years ago was quite good , but i really don't wanna see Punk dropping the title to a guy who wrestles once a year .:no:
  15. I'm fine with Punk-Undertaker, so long as it's not for the title. I for one would prefer Punk to keep the belt till Mania, but I honestly don't mind Rock winning it. Rock IS the most popular guy on the show whenever he's on there, and he's a legend and I think his contract says that he will be contracted to work a certain amount of dates (they've been saying how they want him to appear more often on Raw and maybe even Smackdown as well) so it's all good in my opinion. It'll continue to bring credibility to the WWE Title. And it'll be a cool sight, seeing Rock with the belt again. Although the idea of Punk pinning The Rock still excites me more (wouldn't be a clean finish, of course.)
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  16. Screw all you Punk nut huggers. I'll mark so hard when Rocky gets his WWE strap back. Can't fuggin wait
  17. So many Punkfaggs here. Every other avatar or signature is Punk for fuck's sake.

  18. As expected..
  19. I have no idea at this point who he will wrestle against. It seems hard to imagine it being better than the past three though. Those were epic.
  20. Taker vs Punk in a streak match would be a good decision in my opinion. They have always had great chemistry together in the ring and on the mic. Punk can cut good promos on Taker just like Taker can do the same for Punk.
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