Basketball The curse of the Magic

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Will, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. So I've lived in Orlando since 2001 when a scared boy went into his aunt's house looked up at the sky before going and asked his mom. We're going back to Puerto Rico aren't we? We didn't, anyway it became my home and during that time I started liking the Orlando Magic. We had Dwight Howard and over the years we made it to the Finals only to get swept by the Kobe and the Lakers. The Magic never went to the finals. Howard left for the Lakers on very bad terms and his career was never the same. Now on a different spectrum, Shaq around the 90's when all I knew about basketball was Space Jam. Took the Magic to the finals with a dream team of all stars, but he quit to make movies in Hollywood. The movies didn't work out but he became a multiple time champion. Still this is the closest to payback on Shaq
  2. [​IMG]

    That was funny I will give him that but I can't stand when people cut other people off mid sentence so Barkley kind of annoyed me here. lol
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  3. Shaq kinda deserved it, he was trying to act like he was the Magic's hero