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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Hey everyone, please join Grievous and I for a very long talk from NXT Takeover to Smackdown Live! We're still trying to figure out exactly the best way to record this. I had an idea that we tried this time and it ended up a little weird. I kinda sound like I'm on the phone because... well... I am :emoji_slight_smile: Grievous' recording was better than mine so I just used it and threw mine out.

    I'll experiment with some other ways to do this. And as Solidus suggested, I think it would be nice to have other forum members do this too if interested. :emoji_slight_smile:

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  2. I shall listen to this tomorrow. Very glad you guys are planning on doing this more. I know a few members mentioned wanted to join in on a podcast for the forum. I think it is a fantastic idea. You guys can eventually make a YouTube channel for it as well. Plenty of people upload podcasts on there without video. Just find something fancy for people to look at while they listen. I think Grievous may suggest a photo shoot of Charlotte though lol
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  3. No I wouldn't!


    Okay yes I would...
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  4. Another very enjoyable listen. But damn you guys get sidetracked alot lol.
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  5. Grievous has one of those voices you could just listen to for hours on end.. it tickles the best parts of the ear.

    Jacob is Jacob... :emoji_heart::emoji_heart:

    Great talk again, guys!
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  6. This really is the most accurate thing anyone has ever said about me in my entire life.

    Awwww :emoji_slight_smile: You're as sweet as a pinata.
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  7. Cheers...

    Yeah...sorry about that. I try to keep it on the "straight & narrow"
    but I think we both have a lot to say about a lot of topics.

    Thanks Kev...as long as its only tickling your ear...


    I knew teaming up with Jakey-Jake would get me over.

    Maybe I should make up some "Grievous Day" T-Shirts?

    I think that's mostly my fault Broski...

    He certainly is a fan of yours Jakey-Jake.

    Possibly your #1 fan.
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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. When will they be available and where do I order them?
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  10. Listened to this awhile back but was too lazy to comment. Intended on only listening to the Asuka/Charlotte segment so I skipped to that (let me say, I'm impressed by how quickly I found it) but I wound up listening to everything from that point until the end of Mania, so that's certainly a sign of quality.

    One thing that stuck out to me that was pretty interesting was Fox's comment during the Rousey match that it was very "WWE" matches, and the whole side-point about how different promotions have their own distinct match style that they excel at. As someone who mostly only watches WWE, I thought this was pretty interesting to think about and if you guys have any intention of talking about things outside of current on-goings, I think that's a worthwhile topic. Like a podcast just going through each prolific wrestling promotion and discussing their type of match, and providing a match example for each. So if one of you isn't familiar with a promotion, you both watch the match and could discuss it. I don't know, maybe a bit too niche and time-consuming, just an idea.
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  11. Apologies that this was posted over a week ago and I've still yet to listen...but when I get an opportunity to, I plan on it!
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  12. Needs more Charlotte and Becky.
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  13. Your observation is noted...

    *Back to the drawing board*