The Daniel Bryan in popular culture thread.

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  1. So I figured we could make a thread to collect all of D'bryans popular culture appearances.

    First one I found is from WWE.Com where they reported that Daniel Bryan was a thing on E!'s entertainment weekly segment Clip of the week. For which Bryan won the honours. The clip can be seen here!

    Yes on people. Just Yes.
  2. Does it count seeing ur boss wear a YES YES YES shirt?

    Dunno why but lots of them about in Manchester right now.

    Plus my boss aint a WWE fan!
  3. It's becoming huge, everywhere.

    I don't think it'll replace the "what" chants though. I just hope people don't get sick of DB.
  4. It really is I had a few in Manc town centre today and tbh there were a few Punk and Bryan shirts including the YES YES YES one. Quite surprised tbh as I don't think ppl know why they are wearing them tbh.
  5. Then you tell them to just yes. Just yes and move on.
  6. TRUE!

    All I'm gonna say tmz when I'm out for my birthday is YES, REALLY, AWESOME, AND CUZ CLOUD SAID SO!
  7. This week when I was in class my teacher asked me a question, to which I answered yes. Then of course being the nerd I am felt the need to start doing the Daniel Bryan thing whilst saying it. To my amazement one of my mates who isn't a wrestling fan started to join in :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. Oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.. YES! YES! YES!
  10. Yeah, I do the yes thing when I'm playing some sport on school and I score a point or similar. :haha:
  11. Cheers boss as u can tell quite pumped since I got paid for today's work without being there as a birthday gift of my boss!
  12. That's a nice gesture, and yeah I can see!

  13. We had to play ultimate frisbee(pretty easy and lame sport but somewhat fun) in gym the other day and there's this kid who's like 5'8 and I'm like only 5'1 with no jumping ability what so ever and when he threw the frisbee I blocked the fuck out of him and then I started saying YES YES YES! and everyone laughed.
  14. Epic comment!

  15. Not really pop culture but it was just to good to leave out of this. A journalist/writer for Bleacher Report pinned a new moniker for Bryan. The Vegan Cerebral Assassin. I can get behind that.
  16. So HHH but Vegan Please guy has more talent in his little finger!
  17. I think it was more based on the definition of a cerebral assassin.
  18. I was in favour of D-Bry tbh!
  19. The Soup is an awesome show. I love Joel McHale. He makes fun of a clip from Raw most weeks.
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