The Daniel Bryan/John Cena feud may involve someone else.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I live to torture you people. Just like Vince.
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  2. Eh. Idk, I can't really judge how that would be. Might be interesting.
  3. HOLY FUCK. This is one of those "if this happens I'll never watch again!" type of things, hahaha.
  4. I'll go with this.
    If Cena and Bryan aren't overshadowed and can feud on their own while the Bellas just catfight in some distant area where we can not care about them, there's nothing wrong with this.
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  5. I dunno. As long as they're not highlighted too much, I don't have a problem with it.

    I also hear speculation that Vince and HHH will be somewhat involved in the feud, seeing as how Vince asked Vickie whether she thinks Bryan has what it takes to become a top WWE superstar. It'd be cool to see backstage segments between the McMahons where Vince doubts that Bryan has what it takes to make it to the top while Triple H is more of a believer. Would add a bit of reality to it (similar to the Summer Of Punk) considering it's Vince and brass's real life philosophy that guys the size of Bryan usually can't reach the stature of the usual WWE superstar. Vince could even mention ROH in a condescending tone.
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  6. You mean something like Vince propping up Cena like the "corporate champion", the guy with "star quality" and "the look" and all these insider things Vince likes, and Triple H talking up how he's the future of the business and so are guys like Bryan who come from ROH and work their tail off just for an opportunity... Holy cow, that would be phenomenal!
  7. Just because of total divas :haha:
  8. Yeah. I can imagine the promo video for this match also showing footage from Bryan's "American Dragon" days in ROH and stuff. It would be nice to incorporate this kind of stuff into the angle to make it feel more authentic. It would have also been cool for Triple H to mention to Vince on-screen that once upon a time, there was a guy named Chris Benoit that was also told he couldn't make it because of his size, but you know what happened to him? He drew #1 and won the Royal Rumble and then defeated him (Triple H) in the main event of Wrestlemania. But we all know why this could never be mentioned.

    I could even see a segment in the ring between Daniel Bryan and Vince. Vince comes out (say the week before Summerslam) and asks the audience if they REALLY want to see a guy like Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship. He gives them time to answer in between his repeated question, and the crowd chants YES as loud as possible while Vince looks dumbfounded or something. Daniel Bryan comes out and actually confronts Vince for the first time in person (on-screen) and cuts a promo about how when he first came into the company, everyone told him that he was the opposite of what Vince looked for in a superstar. Yet, he's made it this far. He's already a two time MITB winner, former World Heavyweight Champion, former United States Champion and former Tag Team Champion. He says that he's proven everyone wrong since day one, and he's gonna do whatever it takes this Sunday to prove everyone wrong again, including Vince. Bryan then asks the crowd if they think he will be WWE Champion after this Sunday, and they all chant YES, much to the annoyance of Vince.
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  9. Then Vince lays Bryan out with a mic shot to the back of the head to help "his guy" :otunga:
  10. Lol. Expected something like this given WWE's track record of fucking good things up. Meh! Could work if they're not too involved. But if they're constantly ring side then fuck right off Vince.
  11. Hmm how about putting the Bellas in...idk....a divas match? Although I disagree with Bryan/Cena for right now because I think this Mark Henry feud deserves to last more than one month, if it were to happen I would much rather have it between just Cena and Bryan. I think if the Bellas were to be included it should be in maybe one or two backstage segments, but nothing big like managing, it'll take away from the match.
  12. They can go at it on Twitter or the WWE app, but please don't involve them every week with DB and Cena.

  13. Or how about back in the unemployment line?
  14. Live sex celebration ftw, silicon galore
  15. Why would the Bellas take part in the storyline? They're their real life girlfriends but not their WWE girlfrieds...
  16. That sounds bad. One or two backstage segments, sure, why not, but if they're in they'll be a big point of the feud and not something like Vince/HHH arguing about who's the right guy (which sounds awesome to watch btw) or anything entertaining. Plus, they've never acknowledged on-screen that the Bellas date DB and Cena so I really don't think that'd be a smart decision.
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