The Daniel Bryan Story

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  1. Great video. How come I used to not like him. Shame on me.
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  2. I remember watching that one quite some time ago. Pretty enjoyable but it's not my favorite Bryan MV. That honor goes to this . . .

    ^I personally think this is miles ahead of that Dragonborn one.
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  3. I posted this thread a million years ago. :emoji_hushed:) Still awesome though, and love how dragonborn was implemented from SKyrim.
  4. I thought it. I said to myself there is no way that Danielson didn't saw it and posted it on forum. But I liked it very much and I just couldn't stop myself.
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  5. Oh it's still awesome. It should be shared daily.
  6. He was so cute back then :haha:
  7. Btw awesome video. 10/10 shame it just until more or less WM
  8. I've watched that dragonborn video so many times, LOL. I still love it everytime. :smug:

    I love it the best since i'm obsessed with Skyrim, ahaha.
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  9. HA you like Skyrim?????

    I'm a celebrity
    You're a wannabe
    I'm a prodigy
    The suggestion you're better
    Than me at being a warrior?
    It's a gift to me
    I don't just spit flames lyrically
    But literally
    And the Elder Scrolls are scripts
    In which I've written
    Your obituary
    I am the Dragonborn
    Wearing a hat
    With badass horns
    I'm Dovahkiin
    Known globally
    You're nobody
    At all.

    I've seriously even beat the game as an argo
  10. ahaha hell yeah dude. ive actually been playing it again recently. i havent beat it yet since I always get distracted with other quests, lmao.
  11. Beat it, those missions are really fun. There are A LOT of random quests that you run into that spark some pretty cool storylines. I don't think i've beaten them all, and I actually forget where half of the reall cool quests are that i've done. That's what makes it an amazing game.
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  12. :shock:

    A million years ago!? You are one old motha bleeper!
  13. I used to play Skyrim too. Then I took an arrow to the knee. :haha:

    Awesome video, though. Daniel Bryan is my new favorite, I think.

  14. :annoyed:





  15. :obama: I see what you did there.
  16. one MILLION years
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