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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Paul Diaz-Berrio, May 13, 2018.

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  1. You Tube has disclosed many things about many people and companies ever since it was brought on-line. From interviews to video blogging, You Tube has recorded the facts and figures of just about everything you can possibly imagine.

    Chief among them are the Danielsons. The video blogs made by Brie Bella have unearthed a lot of personal information about Bryan and her. From her Q and A videos to feedback on various topics, she and Bryan have told the world so much about themselves.

    I've seen many of them myself. What I'd like to do, knowing what I know, is how to understand how a couple that is very much in love and stable, yet, both husband and wife are quite different, has stayed together for a good four years so far.

    Let's start with their reading habits, as hinted at, in their comments in the Best of 2016 video from The Bella Twins channel on You Tube...

    Bryan is a prolific reader. According to Brie, he reads, or at least tries to read, according to him, one book a week on various topics, from history to science and matters of the mind. He currently runs his own book club out of twitter and is very fond of intellectual games and quizes. Bella Brains on youtube is one such example and on his Instagram account, he also likes to read encyclopedias and comment on various facts.

    Brie, on the other hand, says she reads a book every three months, prefers her books not to have more than 200 pages and not contain the kind of big words found in her husband's literature. She reads books which will teach her practical stuff - cooking, pregnancy, nutrition, etc. According to an instagram photo and her own words, she likes to read the works of Paul Coelho. I am guessing, that for pleasure, she reads fiction only four times a year and the rest of the time, she only reads what is useful to her to know what she should do better when the need arises.

    Now then, why do Brie and Bryan have such different reading habits without one turning the other off?
  2. Cuz relationships are not built on books.
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  3. They're sentient magnets.

    Another possible explanation is that they have other interests that align, such as wrestling. That's triple gay, though, so I'm sticking with the magnets.
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  4. I'm not familiar with the expression, sentient magnets, but I can disentangle the meaning. Thank you for sharing it.
  5. QUOTE="Redboy123@, post: 1656019, member: 9108"]Cuz relationships are not built on books.[/QUOTE]

    True. They're built on mutual respect, the need to have fun and give the people involved in them a more stronger connection to the world. In the autobiography of the late, great, Deforest Kelly, a passage claims that his life was worth living because of his wife.

    I'm not familiar with the expression, sentient magnets, but I can disentangle the meaning. Thank you for sharing it. Magnetic desire is one phrase I just found that could also tie into this discussion...

    Magnetic Desire: Exploring the Energy of Wanting

    One thing I do notice in the vids is that Brianna always expresses admiration in her tone for what Bryan does when she refers to it. This is further deepened when she tells one of the youtubers something along the lines of differences between people should strengthen their relationships.

    I'm new to such a concept. How do differences in a marriage strengthen two different people?
  6. It was a joke based off the saying "opposites attract". Positive ends of magnets attract negative ends, yet positive ends of magnets repel positive ends.

    My thirty seconds of reading Google search headlines suggest that people debate whether or not opposites actually do attract. I for one do not care enough to bother reading into it, but I suggest you do some research yourself if you wanna know. Just search up "do opposites attract" and start reading.
  7. The last thing I am going to do is start arguing with my girlfriend about the type of books she reads. I've put up with worse for some ratty looking bitches. The American Dragon managed to poach one of the Bellas. If she is tolerable, then Good for him. Keep the mouth shut and enjoy the ride. She could read "Mein Kampf" for all I care.
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  8. Books usually don’t make or break something. Cheating, lying, finances, kids, etc. things of that nature do.

    Fuck books
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  9. Reading habits aren't things to go by for being "big differences" in relationships. Just because a person enjoys reading doesn't make them better or worse than a person who reads very little. It is just an interest. DB likes to read and likely uses it as a way to relax. Brie might have a more creative outlet. I know she has her fashion line going for toddlers/babies. You strip away the minor differences in hobbies like this, they are on the same page of their own book and that is all that matters.

    The reason relationships don't work is down to being on different pages when it comes to kids, beliefs, financial issues, desires, etc. heck.. some people are in entirely different books and seem to be convinced their relationship will work but it hardly ever does. This is not to say two people with different cores can't work but very, very, very few do. Opposites may attract but common ground builds a foundation that lasts.
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  10. Shit thread of the year candidate.
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  11. I already won this award. :tough:
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  12. I hope it wins...I'm pretty sure I was in the running for that.

    Which thread Snake?

    I just finished a book this morning...

    MEG - Steve Alten

    And started a new one...

    The Rats
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  13. A very sensible and enlightening reply. I don't always stop to think along these lines. Thanks for posting this. It's given me a lot of food for thought.

    As also disclosed on You Tube, Daniel and Brie share a mutual dislike of eating animal flesh because of how the animals themselves are treated before being turned into food. They also share a love of nature and of preserving the environment.

    I would say these are the ties that bind them. The only thing that isn't clear to me is how much Brie does for herself, as opposed to what she does for Bryan. This has been a bit of an issue on Total Divas and Total Bellas, as put foreward by Nicole. There was concern about Brie doing too much for her husband and not enough for herself.

    What would you say about that?
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  14. Was it for one of your cat threads?:pipebomb::kitler:
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. We don't see a lot of their relationship. We only see what is on TV, YouTube, or within the weekly WWE shows. That Total Divas show is meant to showcase drama to keep people interested as well. They often will make one person in a relationship be viewed as "bad". In this case, it is Bryan because he is "allowing" Brie to do a lot for him without any return.

    I am sure he does a lot for her, it just isn't shown on that show or YouTube on purpose. And there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to go out of her way for her husband. I know this isn't the 1930's but husbands like to still feel appreciated too. If Brie wasn't happy, she certainly wouldn't still be with him... Nor have ever married him or have his baby.
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  17. I honestly don't think it matters. As much as I don't like my stepfather, he and my mom have been together since 1992 and my mom is the most voracious reader I have ever known. Hell, she reads more than me. I have never known my stepfather to read even a newspaper.
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    My mother once told me that in marriages, husbands and wives can complement each other by having what the other doesn't have. It could be that DB's intellectual nature inspires Brie to be more thoughtful and see the world in a way that she otherwise couldn't with someone else, whereas DB finds Brie's more woman of the earth character complementary to his, in that she may still work in an urban, capitalist environment, but still have her feet planted firmly on the ground, which is something he might not have been able to find in a city girl.

    Now, as much as I adore the content of the videos that Brie and her husband make, I do have to wonder if they could be a little more discrete sometimes. Brie tends to be outspoken about spending habits and her choice of purchases and some hints of inadequacy are dropped from time to time.

    I personally have nothing against her, no matter what she does or doesn't do. I would never use what I've heard her say as ammo against anyone, but I don't speak for everyone. Less sensitive or understanding people might decide to use this revelation against her, so without meaning to, she offered bullets to be fired at her. I'd be careful about what I choose to say on a public viewing channel because you never know who's listening. I never look down on anyone for what they do or say, and if they make mistakes, I know someone will help them learn to do better next time.

    PS: I deleted some of the information in this reply because I divulged facts about Brie that offered the unsavory type information that could be used to belittle her without being aware of it. I only hope that what I posted about one of her segments hasn't been read by the hostile type. I quickly realised what might happened and edited out the disclosure.
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