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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by The GOAT, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. This unfortunately isn't news that Nolan is preparing to direct a fourth Batman film (although if he did, I'm sure 'The Dark Knight Returns' would probably end up being the working title. It has a double meaning, see...), but rather, it's me asking who would WANT to see Nolan direct a fourth installment in his rather luxurious and successful Batman franchise? Many felt The Dark Knight Rises was the perfect ending to the trilogy, but I believe there's still enough creative possibilities to squeeze out at least one more Batman film without feeling like they're milking the series.
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to it. The villian/s used would effect my opinion though.
  3. It'd be milking the series, but that does not mean it would be bad. I want Penguin (always, even before Gotham did such a great job) as i've always love the Cobblepot vs Wayne enterprise deal.

    Riddler, Penguin, and an obscure villain we don't hear about often. Until then College humor has badman to hold me over.
  4. @Jesus since he might appreciate this I think
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  5. I hate Nolan, most of his movies and his Batman trilogy with huge passion.
  6. I loved parts one and two but thought that three was really lacklustre, as I've stated in many other threads. There's no reason to continue with Nolan, he's said his piece. I'd personally love to see Guillermo Del Toro take on Batman. I think that'd produce some vey interesting results.
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  7. I found part one and part two to be awesome. Part 3 was kind of suckish but I've never watched the full movie, so I can't tell you anything. I don't really care who directs/produces it but for one thing, keep it away from Michael Bay.

  8. Dat directing.
  9. Nolan said 3 and he's done... I want him to stick to his word.

    I just hope there will never be another Batman movie showing the murder of Wayne's parents ever again... we all know the story by now, I've seen at least 20 versions both animated and live action.. enough is enough.
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  10. Gotham did a fine job of that. Lots of retconning going on in that show lol.
  11. My only concern for a fourth Batman film would be that Robin would likely be apart of it. We saw at the end of The Dark Knight Rises that the Blake character's real name is Robin, and that he quit the police force and is pretty much taking up Bruce Wayne's mantle as Gotham's vigilante protector. I guess it'd all depend on how Nolan crafted Robin's character (I have faith in him given he's done a swell job with all the other characters thus far), but I'm skeptical.

    Also, who would make for an excellent villain in the fourth movie? Having never read the comics or watched the cartoon before, I'm not really familiar with all the villains of the series.
  12. I'm into jgl being robin. Should be r and bring devito back
  13. I can't even consider this into consideration knowing that Nolan's Trilogy is in fact just Nolan's Trilogy. We got Affleck now and judging that he's going to already be introduced into the DC Cinematic Universe, we won't see another origin story. Plus, I'd rather see a different Batman movie now even though I really dug the realism of Nolan's.

    Speaking of Dark Knight Returns, we got Carrie Kelley in Batman v Superman. Which means that all of the previous Robins will have existed (Hopefully). I'd love to see them do a movie pitting Batman up against Ra's while Joker is wrecking havoc in Gotham (played by Jared Leto) while Red Hood is wrecking havoc as well. Loose adaption on Under The Red Hood but I'd have them bring Nightwing in and put their rivalry on screen with them having their own fight.

    I'd just love to see a scene where it's Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Carrie Kelley as her Robin, and Red Hood teaming up at the very end against Ra's and the League Of Assassins with the end setting up another movie with a teaser towards Damian Wayne. I'm dreaming right?
  14. So, you want Batman to become a scary franchise? Because GDT has always been the horror "freak." By freak; I meant the type of movie he does every time, he can't shy away from his niche.

    As much as I'd like a "new take on Batman." I'm more interested in the aftermath of Rises. I'm curious about the Robin/Cop double agent shit going on at the end. Just a few holes to be filled. One of them was already filled with Catwoman/Selina Kyle in "Gotham." I never understood the chemistry between Batman and Catwoman over the years; comics, films, games. I got my answer in "Gotham." They were childhood friends, and then lovers, then back to friends, then partners, then lovers. An on and off relationship. But what I want to learn more is about Robin's realistic trajectory, what happened years after Wayne "died." What has become of "Batman"? I forgot more, but the jist is that I've got more questions in Rises than there are answers.
  15. Explain how pacific rim was scary.
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