The day RAW was no more fun..

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  1. What do you think? I personally think that yes RAW was no more fun, Bischoff was the reason why it succeeded.
  2. Eric was good but he wasn't that great to me. I wouldn't say he was a huge loss.
  3. Was never too big a fan of Eric.
  4. Eric's idea of booking is turning a guy heel...

    It's his answer to all of life's challenging questions

  5. Though 99% of the IWC are the same in that respect, turn everyone heel!
  6. The day Raw wasn't fun anymore was the day Linda McMahon announced her Senate candidacy
  7. The day RAW wasnt fun anymore was the day WWE went PG.

  8. So you haven't enjoyed a show since June 2008? Why would you join a WWE forum then?

  9. R u trying to say that the PG era have been a sucess?

  10. Yeah it has it's entertained me at times and made some serious money. I ask again why are you here if you hate the current product?
  11. I think Regal did a great job.

  12. Because without it theres no other product. TNA sucks and so does every other promotion including the so called talent finders like ROH or storm wrestling.

    U havent answered me yet though, im not interested about how much money it has made or whether it entertained u AT TIMES or not, i want to know that do u think WWE has been a great success?

  13. Yeah it has. They've kept me watching every week, same as they've kept other watching.It's not perfect but what is? You should watch TNA 2010 you'll love all the old guys bleeding and swearing also.

  14. TNA was good when the Main Event Mafia angle was on. That was when TNA hit the highest rating. Hogan and flair r too old to keep the company running by themselves. Booker t, mick foley, nash left. It isnt too much fun anymore, and it still has long way to go in terms of misc developments like a proper big arena, lightning, proper theme musics, proper pyro etc.

    The only reason they have kept u watching every week is because theres no other promotion up to their level. If WWF/ WWE and the WWE Pg era was aired at the same, hypothetically, then WWE PG era would be left with a very few amount of viewers, most of them being little kids.

    Theres just so many similairties between the likes of Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and John Cena that its not even funny, seems like every business is getting one of these overrrated stars nowadays.
  15. The day Raw was no more fun? Rey Mysterio's 45 minute title reign, just to drop it to Cena. New regime, same old shit.
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