The Dazzler

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I was watching Smackdown on the weekend. Josh Matthews mentioned that in 2013 DB wants to be know as The Dazzler. I hope that was just a joke and this doesn't happen. There's no way that he can be a serious ME contender, and move away from his comedic character if he's known by that moniker. :angry:
  2. My fears have been realized! :upset:
  3. If done correctly the nickname can work. They have to work it correctly though.
  4. This is the man who got yes chanted in the mainstream media, he could get this shit over I'm sure.
  5. Imagine what he could do if they didn't give him shit though.
  6. Re: RE: The Dazzler

    I doubt he'll ever get higher than the Jericho standard as the upper mid card / oh shit we need a cover main eventer tbh so him making chicken salad from shit works for me.
  7. Probably, but let's be optimistic. #TeamOptimism
  8. Mr. Small Package >
  9. The American dolphin.
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  10. Mr. American Cheese.
  11. I suppose he can make it work, but what character is that supposed to go with exactly?
  12. All Matthews said was, "He wants to be called the Dazzler in 2013".
  13. It's a name that can be thrown out whenever he does a particularly spectacle move. So I understand the use for it.
  14. I'm guessing they're starting to wind down Hell No? So they're giving Bryan something on his own. I was hoping they'd let him go back to the American Dragon gimmick and give him back "The Final Countdown".
  15. You'll never see the Final countdown I think in the WWE. Bryan is a huge fan of his current theme as well. And as long as the nickname remain a nickname and not the base of his gimmick I see nothing wrong with Bryan taking another thing and turning it to gold.
  16. Yeah, unless it becomes a major part of his character there's nothing bad about it.
  17. Re: RE: The Dazzler

    After they gave Punk COP back I wouldn't say never to anything.
  18. Isn't that some 80's song?
  19. yes. Bryan's entrance theme from the independents.
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