The Deathmachine

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  1. Straight from Bellafontaine Ohio, the Callihan Deathmachine... Sami Callihan!​


    Another one of the beasts of the indy scene currently. Sami is a graduate of the CZW, Insanity pro and Heartland wrestling association promotions, wrestling in a tag team with Dean Ambrose in CZW but has prospered on the indy scene. Become so much more than your typical CZW brawler/deathmatch brick. He's also a talented wrestler, working a hard hitting style that suites his character.

    Currently beasting it about in PWG, Evolve and DGUSA but has had a couple of WWE try outs that were positive. What are your comments on this dirty ugly fuck?
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  2. Holy shit how much does he look like a young Punk in that pic?
  3. His promos remind me a bit of a young Punk.

    Here is a prime example. Sami closing out the former ECW Arena. Shitting on Sabu, ECW and everything like the beast he is.

    Some more of Sami's work/promos:

    One of my favs on the indys because he is so near a complete package. Charismatic, ring work, brawling and a somewhat unique look.
  4. I'm stuck in two minds with Sami, he's talented obviously but there's just something I don't like. His match with Finlay was a prime example of it tbh, I shouldn't dislike it but I couldn't get excited over it either.
  5. He does need that right guy to work with true. When he is paired with the right guy and has the right story going he can be gold. Gargano vs him at Evolve 18 was a match I got into so damn well. Based on a simple story of Gargano being the face of the entire company (Evolve and DGUSA) and Callihan, despite his bad win/loss record claiming to be the face of Evolve and wanting to prove it. Worked so well. Then again Gargano can work a good match out of most (he is mentored by Shelley after all).
  6. I'd have sex with Gargano tbf.
  7. I'd pay to get to touch his glutious maximus, it's said to be super fit. He's talked about charging for it on Facebook (his FB is hilarious.)
  8. Tempted to sign up just for that now...
  9. I follow Gargano, Taylor, Callihan, Sapolsky and I think one of the Bucks on FB. Sapolsky posts some real good things every day that leads to good discussion.
  10. One of the toughest, roughest SOBs on the indy scene and I like his work.

    Is he one of my fav indy wrestlers? No. But much respect for the guy, very talented individual, good on mic and I like his style.
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