The debut of the big gold belt

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  1. Thought this would be interesting to post since the history of the Big Gold belt runs from NWA, to WCW, to WWE, so it has been held by many and many wrestlers.
  2. The best looking belt of all time in my opinion, didn't know it was in the NWA
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    Nwa is where most of modern wresting started, both wcw and tna were once part of the national wrestling alliance
  4. Yeah I knew that, also know that Vince sold it to Turner, but I didn't know the belt started there.
  5. Sold it to Turner?
  6. Yeah I was watching a WWE DVD once, I think it was the rise and fall of WCW. I remember it saying Vince selling a wrestling company to Turner on there. I could be wrong, I watched it months ago. All I know is that Turner was sold his wrestling franchise, I think it was McMahon who sold it to him. Doing research now

    Ah i apologize, NWA was sold to Turner, but I believe Vince had something to do with it, I'm almost sure of it. I think when Vince was buying up territory he had the option of getting NWA but opted out of it
  7. The nwa started long before vkm and is still alive and well today. Afaik it was never owned by Vince or the wwe
  8. Wasn't NWA turned into WCW?
  9. Jim Crockett was about to go bankrupt, but then Turner saved him by buying it and changing it to WCW, and then the infamous phone call where Turner called Vince and said 'he was in the rassling business', to which Vince replied back "That's great Ted, but I'm in the entertainment business."

    And I agree, the Big Gold Belt is the best looking belt design of all time. Even the WWE loves it obviously, hence why they brought it back as the model for the World Heavyweight Championship (even though the WHC doesn't follow the history of the NWA/WCW world title.)
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