The "deep web" or "dark net"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. I only found out about this last night and now I am fascinated by the idea. Let me start by stating that I am an Internet/Computer noob, so I don't think it would be wise for me to try and explore this on my own.

    For those of you who aren't aware of the 'Deeb Webs" existence, let me try to explain it to you.
    ^Cliffs on that. Basically the "surface web" is what most of use browse. We use google and other search engines and we are shown only things that are indexed

    Now, I'm still not exactly sure the differences between the Deep Web and Dark net, they seem very similar to me when I read about them, but again, that is my computer ignorance manifesting itself.

    Perhaps someone who is familiar with these things can enlighten me, or even if you aren't familiar with them you can point out the differences based on those wiki pages.

    If you are lazy/a visual learner such as myself, here is an image to try and help illustrate the idea:

    Show Spoiler



    Now, spoiler alert, there are TONS of illegal activities that take place on the 'deep web' (sadly the most frequent is probably CP, which is very unfortunate.) There are a lot more interesting things happening than the CP that runs rampant however, and that is what is interesting me.

    There is a site called "The Silk Road" where users can buy and sell literally any drug you can think of. There are sites where you can find a hitman to take someone out for you (starting at $20,000 US Dollars). There are sites that discuss homeless people being kept as slaves and having experiments conducted on them. There are forums for all types of creeps: pedos, rapists, killers, ect. It is very disturbing and shocking, but once I heard about it I felt the unsettling urge to explore deeper into it. I've heard rumors of human fights to the death, though I haven't seen any evidence that shows it.

    Here is an article talking about it:

    Of course I would love to install TOR and take a swing at exploring all of this shit myself, but I don't have the balls. 1.) I doubt I would be able to find any of the truly interesting sites. They say it is incredibly hard to navigate compared to the 'surface web'. 2.) I don't want to get hacked by some asshole. I don't have the most secure firewall or antivirus and 3.) I don't want to accidentally piss off the FBI lol. I am going to ask everyone I know about it and see if any of my friends can show me around, because I realllllllllllllllly want to explore it, but don't want to compromise myself or my laptop. I might try to do it at school, but they would probably be a bit butt hurt and suspend my user login for doing such stupid shit on their computers.

    But if you are a pussy like me, there are some Youtube videos of people exploring the tip of the deep web iceberg


    So for those of you that haven't heard of this, how mindfucked are you right now/10? I was on about a 9.5. I have pretty much only been thinking about this since I found out about it late last night. I slept through classes because I stayed up way too late trying to read more about this shit.

    For those of you badasses that have actually gone on the deep web, please share your experiences in this thread.
  2. Seen most of this before, the thing that strikes me as weird is that you can hire assassins and pay them via paypal lmao.
  3. Nice thread. I've been on TOR and looked at the hidden wiki and it was pretty disturbing. Firstly the assassinations, it's weird looking at it knowing this is completely real. You paid half up front and on some you paid extra if they made it quick, you give them the details and pay the rest when it's done. I spent most of my time browsing the drug market, but there were horrible hyperlinks based on child porn, boards dedicated to naked pictures of >10 year olds, it really is disturbing, and massive.

    Without TOR then you're going to get found out. There are endless amounts of boards you can visit, the subject variety is just disgusting. I saw someone trying to sell human limbs, I saw a board dedicated to pictures of their dead slaves, my curiosity got the best out of me and I visited those ones (avoided all perverted ones for obvious reasons) and they don't hold back lmao. Oh and you can't forget the incest boards, that seemed very active.
  4. I knew this wouldn't be new to you. Have you gone on before?

    And it's not paypal lmao, it's bitcoins.. which is like paypal but anonymous

    the thing is with all of the illegal services being provided.. at least half of them have to be complete scams. They talk about 'hey pay me and I'll steal anything you want and send it to you' but how can you trust anyone in that setting? Let alone if you are paying $20k-$100k for a hitman lmao.

    Plus that place has to be crawling with feds trying to bait people into doing stupid shit. I would never sign up for anything or communicate with any of those retards.. I just want to browse and see all of the shit going on
  5. Yeah I never saw Paypal ones either, it wasn't just bitcoins. You could mail the money to "drop offs", some I saw taking Liberty Reserve which is normally a hackers version of PayPal.
  6. Also I found this thread interesting/helpful

    mainly you just need to read the original post for the best info, even if I wasted a lot more time reading all 28 pages
  7. PayPal, bitcoins. You can still pay people online to kill someone.

    I've spent countless hours on stuff like this.
  8. Crazy shit.

    Yesterday there was a deep web thread on another board I post on (this is when I found out about it)

    there was a screen shot of a rape message board. There was a thread made by a 16 year old asking for tips, stating he wanted to rape a girl his own age. Someone google'd his username, and it brought up 2 online dating profiles. They then found him on facebook, and started spamming the screenshot and evidence they had compiled to prove it was the same guy in messages to all of his friends and family on facebook. It was awesome until the mods took the thread down

    That's the type of shit I would (sadly) be intrigued by. A forum of rapists sharing stories and tips? Too strange for me to pass up

    Crayo- did you just use Tor? What type of antivirus/firewall did you have? I've heard that the police can easily pass through TOr, but as long as I was browsing and not downloading I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry than to mess with me. My bigger concerns would be not being able to find anything beyond the hiddenwiki
  9. TOR is all I use, haven't gotten into trouble yet.
  10. ps - we should maybe move this to the legend section.
  11. Yeah I actually saw one myself but didn't go into it as I was too interested in the hacking one at the time. I just used TOR and my anti virus was AVG iirc but TOR isn't infected or anything, it's just a tool to browse TOR sites anonymously. You won't get fucked by the police for using it dw.

    And wow that's badass that he was busted for that, I hope his life is fucking ruined now.
  12. I so wish the idiot ass mods hadn't deleted it... I was only on page 4/6 when the thread was taken down. It was a treat to read through. My brain was trying to wrap around the concept of the deep web and seeing this kid get fucked up by a bunch of online jr detectives all at once. It was pretty awesome

    edit: I also have to wonder how much of what you read on those types of forums aren't just 16 year old wannabe hackers who think it's fun to 'troll' places like that
  13. I have sat for countless hours reading about this. It's crazy to think this actually happens online.
    I've read a lot on 4chan which is, lets be honest, full of crazy people. But you see the old cliched image, see here

    TOR is a hard one, because not setting one thing correctly makes you easily traceable via FBI/police. If you're new to TOR/deep web, you should always take extreme caution because it's so easy to go onto something that could land you in serious shit. The worst part is the .onion domains, because they're all encrypted like 34dhz8ehs.onion it's hard to know what they actually are. Someone might say it's drugs but it's likely to be assassination/cheese pizza.

    I certainly wouldn't recommend people to go on TOR if you've never used it before, and stay away from OnionIB and OnionChan. HiddenWiki is alright because you can see things other than cheese pizza and murders, for example government things (which can be fascinating and informative).

    Crayo you can't be busted for using TOR, but viewing illegal pages (i.e. drug market etc.) and if you're traced you could be arrested/computer seized etc.

    Also HD'Z
    Dark net is file sharing anonymously using IP addresses. Almost untraceable.
  14. My next question (since I'm basically 100% sure I'm going to wind up w/ Tor downloaded trying to navigate that place eventually-- it's just not my personality to not at least try after reading all this shit.) is how hard is it/how do you navigate? I've found some sites that have .onion sites to copy/paste, and of course I could access everything on the hidden wiki.. but it's not like the surface web where I can go to some search engine and be like "Crazy cannibal forum" or anything like that lmao.

    Also, anyone going on, cover up your webcam. I've heard that hackers can use your webcam to spy on you--- which is just fucking the creepiest shit I've ever heard of.
  15. My thing is even if I were browsing the illegal sites they wouldn't (they = FBI) be interested in fucking with a browser as much as they would want to fuck with the ones who were actually actively using those types of sites.

    I might be naive (fuck it, I am being naive by saying this) but the FBI *shouldn't* concern themselves with the curious ones like myself who are just looking around. NOt saying they wouldn't be, but I doubt they would ever mess with me and even if they did I don't think I'd be getting charged with anything just for browsing
  16. To be honest I don't think it is. It's unheard of still, I guarantee most of the users here don't know what it is. Loads on Hack Forums didn't even know what it is and how to get there. Most of it is legitimating sick creeps or relatively serious hackers.

    I used TOR all the time and not too long ago, I've not once been busted. It's not illegal to be curious. If I was contributing and participating then yeah, but thousands/millions view these sites, so I highly doubt the police/FBI will seize everyone's PC for simply viewing. They're more interested in those making the assassination attempts and choreographing the paedophile networks. I've been on all the onion domains etc, I'm very curious lol. It's literally an education on the internet.

    Also, fun fact, I once forgot to use TOR and attempted to load one of the sites. Never been seized or anything, people overreact.
  17. If you aren't sure of the URL's, it's best to stay on Hidden Wiki. That way you know what you're clicking on.

    Unplug webcam if possible, put tape over if not. Disable temp files, disable javascript. Run CCleaner as soon as you come off TOR and clean everything.

    You'd think, but they have to make an example out of the people they can catch. Unfortunately.
  18. That's because you can't access .onion sites without TOR. :dafuq:
  19. Again, in my opinion that's grossly inaccurate. To get drive-by'd you would need to accept the Java they're asking you to run, which only an idiot would do. TOR isn't infected either. Also, they can't even catch those who are leading members in "Anonymous" and it takes them months to take down groups like LulzSec and UGNazi, they're uninterested in curious teenagers browsing the hidden web which is populated with millions of visitors.
  20. I hear the easiest way is to use FF and use the 'Tor button' and you basically just have to copy/paste those websites into your browser?

    is it really that simple?

    I feel it's inevitable that I'll be browsing this shit sometime later today lmao
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