The definition of quality?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. [size=xx-small]Now I know this is a subjective term so opinions will be welcomed here.[/size]​

    The term High Quality has been thrown around a couple of times recently, ranging from Dolph's questioning the term in relation to his Best In The World award to Deth and Lady Deathbane taking the "lol hq" mocking stance. I suppose to evaluate which side of the fence I'm on I'll have to attempt to understand the term.

    So what is quality? I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is content which encourages people to either sign up and discuss on the forum or join in with an already present discussion. An example would be the growth in the TNA subsection on this forum, we knew it would grow but would it have if everyone posted spam posts all the time? The answer is no, people sign up initially to discuss wrestling, they don't start on here to have a fun time, although I hope all members do have fun here but what made you sign up? Was it just wow I'll troll this place and have fun or to discuss wrestling? So first of all to be high quality you must be relevant to the topic at hand, we usually go off topic in some form in threads and usually do so sadly this may be effecting the precieved quality, however this leads into my second requirement for quality.

    Being able to get on with differing personalities and opinions, I have a banterous relationship with many people on this site where we mock each other regularly. This isn't unfriendly from my perspective as we both know nothing is to be taken to heart, although I can see how it could be negatively interperated by some people although others may become interested in this kind of forum, rather than the stricter types we all know.

    I really can't think of anything else for how I'd define quality, if someone posts something relevant with an opinion they'd like to express in a friendly tone they're high quality for me. Now should we all take the "Lol HQ" stance? I can't say I support that tone, I'm not a person to get deeply invested in websites in all honesty, this was my first dedicated forum experience and it's very likely I won't bother with another one as I don't enjoy forums as much as I enjoy this community and I want to see it prosper, it's got some passionate people who make it work and a userbase which deserves a great forum and it needs posts to be the best of quality to attract that, the following quotes shows how important quality is to this sites growth.

    You noticed how it's the quality of posters which are getting sign ups and these are people which have stayed with the site, if Crayo hadn't been so HQ back in the day I wouldn't have stayed in all honesty due to my general lack of interest in forums outside of here.

    Now apologies for the long post but this subject has really been annoying for me recently and I'm already expecting to be mocked for taking the internet too seriously but I'd hate to see this place sink into that LQ flaming moments like other forums have.

    So does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  2. I signed up because I posted a comment on a wrestling video on Youtube and then someone (who later turned out to be Big Hoss Rambler) sent me a private message inviting me to join the forum. Of all the main members who post regularly, I was one of the first to sign up (that's meaningless information, just saying.) Just to inflate my own ego, someone once signed up several months ago and never made a single post, they said they signed up just to send me a PM to get me to join another forum because my wrestling knowledge seemed so vast.

    I personally would encourage the best quality of posts when it comes to the wrestling section at least because discussions are lacking and lifeless without it. I can see why someone wouldn't feel the need to make a long and detailed post every time they post their thoughts on something, though. It's not like there's awards or accolades we'll get in real life for how well we post on a message board.
  3. I suppose this is the point I'm trying to make, if all threads you posted in were full of "OMG LOCKADE GTFO U SUCK" you'd probably troll then leave, I know I would. I understand the awards thing and I get why people wouldn't post epic posts every thread, I'll admit I'm probably a representative of the lowest quality at times but I attempt to keep most wrestling threads and status' some what logical, also introduction threads are a place where users could be gained or lost, if you introduce yourself and this is a legit quote

    Is what your met with without further interaction then that could be an issue too, it's why I was so against the "NWO gimmick" that was going round for a while, it ruined some of my enjoyment of the forum and I could see others were effected by it too.

    Glad to see you decided to stay here aswell.
  4. I enjoy both sides on the fence on this topic. I really enjoy in depth wrestling discussion, especially the stuff in the other wrestling section recently. However, I also enjoy making horrible, cringe worthy jokes. I think that's what makes this forum the only one I've stuck to for more than a couple of weeks. If you feel like having an intelligent discussion about something you can, and if you want to call Crayo and Xanth the new Sigfried and Roy, you can do that as well.
  5. Sehnor pretty much said it what I've been thinking for me. I love taking part in both sides. Though, I am in the troll part more often than not and it is only because I'm pretty brand new to the WWE Universe in general. I had only begun watching this summer. Raw 1000 was my first show since the 90's. There is almost little to nothing I can really say in certain topics because I haven't watched a good amount of any wrestler's career. I can only comment on what I've seen on that latest Raw show. I was actually not even planning to be as active as I am with the forum because I knew absolutely nothing about WWE. I realized only after I made the account and made a welcome thread that I really couldn't say anything. But then I had multiple members PM me asking me why I wasn't active when I checked here from to time. I told those members straight up that I was the noobiest WWE fan ever, but those members literally just said "fuck it, just post. say something. anything." So, I did and here I am now.

    The thing that irks me is that people just take this whole thing way too seriously sometimes. As much as I love it here, it's really only a website on the internet. I've tried to be better about straying off topic and just leaving shit with the shit, but from time to time I always see members judging other members so harshly on every single thing they post and it's like... really? I can post whatever the hell I please to (following the rules of course) whenever I please to and I'll be damned if I let anyone tell me what I can and can't post.
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  6. "if Crayo wasn't HQ back in the day" - trying to say I'm not now huh?

    Dunno why I stayed. I'm not sure I have an answer for what is quality and what is not, but I know I've seen some users called LQ who certainly weren't.
  7. Yeah you're a spammer now obviously :otunga:

    I'm guessing this is a famous Crayo joke reply, mainly because you claim you can't define quality yet use it in your criteria for the BITW award and say some users are incorrectly LQ when you can't even define quality. I'm onto you this time Sonny Jim :rock:
  8. Was waiting for someone to call me out on that. Quality is subjective, but what I regard as quality for this forum is more simple than people think.

    -Sense of humour
    -Good grammar (Apologies, but it's relatively important. Not immaculate grammar, just not u/dnt/ur etc.).
    -Good wrestling posts. (Not "lol i agree", but "I agree, because if X and Y had a feud, it would do this and result in that." etc.)

    Users who take themselves really seriously are a different kind of HQ. Most of their wrestling posts would be great, but their banter/sense of humour would be non-existent and if you know anything about this site you know that we love the banter. I dig loyalty also. All those traits above are involved in the BITW award criteria, among other factors. Overall, a HQ user is simply a user you like talking to. We've spoke almost every single day on this site seabs since the very beginning (apart from your mini-hiatuses of like a week). Since day one, and I've yet to find you annoying (give it time though). That has to be a HQ user right?
  9. While granted I wouldn't have joined this site if my friend Master Of Destruction hadn't (and then he proceeded to be inactive as all hell, that jerk), I'll just add myself to the list of people who mainly joined because of the quality of wrestling discussions I saw when checking the site out. I certainly don't think I would still be on if it wasn't the case, nor would I be following up with wrestling at all for that matter.

    That all said, I don't really think LQ posts are a problem here. With a few exceptions, and those are ones I can quickly detect and avoid, I always thought most people one here are pretty [good] quality posters. Some just present a different quality that makes them quality posters. And well, those are my two cents on this topic.
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  10. Example of low quality

    User A, posts something which is really in depth, not only that but it has sources and formulates their opinion really well. User B, replies with NO, Yes, Sucks, Who cares, ETC. That to me is low quality as well as disrespectful.

    That's probably the only thing that bugs me, or when my threads go off-topic.
  11. To be honest I don't know what I could add to the OP, because it is simply great.

    When I first joined I stayed because of Crayo, Seabs and Xanth. I knew Xanth from about 18 months previous and I knew Crayo from MF. They were both so welcoming (lol Xanth welcoming, yeah...) and almost immediately made me feel part of the site. Seabs, you provided so much content to the site that I was passionate about I had no choice but to stay and talk about it. As much as Crayo and often Xanth contributed, without Seabs I don't know if I would have stuck around.
  12. So Gohan's not getting BITW? :dawg:

    Back to the topic before i get called out on "LQ".

    High Quality to me is high activity and good posting. Some of the traits Crayo mentioned earlier sound like qualities he would want for a date and not a user on his site, unless he's trying to date us...which branches into a whole other discussion...there I go branching off topic again, damn I'm fucking LQ. Anyway, I find it that there are few members who actually have HQ based on my standards, myself included. For example users who state their opinions without backing it up with reasoning is LQ in my opinion. A couple of MOTM have done this, one in particular stands out to me who criticizes others for being LQ. On the same side of things there's members who are fantastic posters but aren't around enough to keep this site active which equally important. There are a handful of members here who i regard as HQ "members" not "posters".

    Even in good quality posters have times where their LQ and if you don't believe me you can take a look at the live discussion threads, hard to be HQ and watch at the same time, just saying. There's also highly active members that suddenly disappear, yeah I'm talking about @Lacky . What I'm saying is that there is not one member here who is consistently HQ, so why call people out on not being it. Shouldn't really have to matter because I come here every week to enjoy myself ("discussing wrestling" is something I enjoy), so I place more on the "HQ lol" side because who cares?

    #Crayluminati watched me bathe in whipped cream this morning
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  13. Goddammit. Don't reveal my love for ColeMiner! :upset:
  14. I'm LQ and I'm proud of it.

    Can I be HQ? Dunno.

    Do I prefer making cheap ass perverted jokes instead? Hell. Yeah.


    As for the reason I stayed, is that people are friendly, and they aren't judgemental bastards.

    A.k.a. it's the opposite of
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  15. Vultures, the lot of them. Vultures. :bury:
  16. Well tbh I don't know if I'm considered HQ or not, but I always try to improve my posting, I'm not ashamed of it because working on improving something good is never a bad thing, especially that my English is incomparable to 90% of the posters in here.
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  17. Definition of HQ? Just check my post/thread history and you'll get the general idea.
  18. LQ
  19. ^ :pipebomb:
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  20. :pity: :pity1: :pity2: [​IMG]
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