Kayfabe The Destructive Aftermath of Vega vs Stark

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  1. Crowd: 1... 2... 3!

    *As Andersen Vega pins Antonio Stark off the Pedigree to pick up the win at Hell in a Cell, the arena fills with a strange mix of booing and cheering as the audience are left wanting neither competitor to be victorious. Vega stands up and practically pulls the referee away from checking on Stark to raise his hand in victory. Andersen smirks cockily as he walks around the ring, looking at the hostile audience with infinite smugness. He notices his opponent lying supine on the canvas, after being beaten by the Pedigree, and his grin widens. Vega suddenly rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, towards the announcer's desk, and walks towards the crowd. A fan reaches out for a handshake and Andersen bats it away haughtily before jumping up to sit on the barricade wall. He smirks once more into the camera, then extends his arm and makes a very exaggerated beckoning motion out into the crowd*

    *The boos in the arena escalate as many of the fans know what's coming. Within a few seconds, Jack Rogue can be seen emerging from another part of the arena, walking towards the ring through the crowd. He's wearing a hoodie, tracksuit trousers and trainers, all black. Some audience members reach out for high-fives which Rogue accepts, but his heart isn't in it, his expression is blank, and his eyes are focussed on his employer. When Jack reaches the barricade, Vega has jumped down from the wall and rolled back into the ring where the referee is still attending to his possibly injured opponent. Rogue hops the barricade and follows Andersen into the ring*

    *Suddenly, the ref gets an idea of what's happening at directs his attention towards Vega, asking him to leave the ring and putting himself between Andersen and Stark. While Jack is getting into the ring, Vega grabs the referee by the collar, who writhes frantically in an attempt to escape. Rogue can only look on, speechless, as his employer toys with the official, who is audibly begging Andersen for mercy. Suddenly, Vega grabs both of the ref's arms and pulls them behind his back, then turns towards Jack*

    : Do it, Jack! Do it or I WILL fire you!

    *Rogue appears astonished at the new lows Andersen is forcing him to sink to, he looks out into the crowd with desperation etched on his face. He searches the audience for support, but all he can hear are the boos for Vega's vicious, merciless actions. Without warning, Rogue turns sideways on and superkicks the referee, the crack of the official's jaw filling the arena for a moment before the booing returns with a vengeance. Andersen grins widely at Jack's compliance, then turns to see Antonio Stark just beginning to stir where he sits in the corner*

    *Smelling blood in the water, Vega grabs the still weak Stark by his neck, and holds him in the same position again, despite a limp escape attempt from Tony. This time, Andersen says nothing but the threat is implicit and Jack steps back to deliver a second superkick. The booing in the arena is now deafening as the fan favourite is forced to deliver a brutal assault to a defenceless official and his employer's already beaten opponent. Vega's music starts again and Andersen climbs up the turnbuckles to soak in the wrath of the crowd. Meanwhile, though, Rogue has fallen to his knees in the ring, and as the camera approaches him a tear can be seen running down his face. He clamps his hands to his ears and shakes his head furiously as if to dispell the thunderous heckling of the crowd from his head*

    *Slowly, Jack stands up, his face a mess of tears and now visible froth at his mouth. Then, all of a sudden, Rogue pounces with a frenzied assault on Antonio Stark, a vicious rain of forearms and elbows to the temple of Vega's wounded opponent, then he begins with knees to the ribcage before standing up and delivering stomps to the head and chest of Stark. Andersen is unaware of this momentarily, but then his music cuts out and he turns around to witness a wholly new brutality being showcased by his employee. After a leaping stomp to the chest, Rogue pauses and turns around to look at Vega. He points at Andersen, then at Antonio, and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. When it seemed the boos of the crowd can get no louder they begin to, and Jack scowls at them with unguarded fury as he walks towards the announce table before picking up the timekeeper's steel chair*

    *Rogue folds the chair into position with a clang, and the cameraman captures a maniacal grin forming on Jack's face. Andersen Vega is slowly pulling the unconscious Stark back to his feet as Rogue re-enters, chair in hand. Jack takes one final slow look at his weapon, before driving it edge first into the gut of Antonio, and then smacking it against his spine. As Stark writhes in agony, Rogue notices that the chair has been bent out of shape by the impact, and drops it to the canvas, where he stomps it flat. Jack takes a final look at his employer before dragging Antonio back to his feet. Rogue turns Stark to face the hard camera and as the deafening boos continue, he drops him into a reverse headlock. Jack slowly turns his body as if to rotate to his left, then suddenly spins to his right, bumping onto his back and driving Tony Stark face first into the steel*

    *Rogue gets to his feet, now openly grinning at the hard camera, then slowly begins to laugh - a crazy shriek heard even over the thunderous noise of the audience, loud enough to chill to the bone. As Andersen Vega's music starts up again, the camera zooms to show the twitching, giggling Jack Rogue, with the devastated Tony Stark at his feet, as the show cuts to commercial*

    -End of segment-

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    WHY DID ALL OF THESE HAVE TO HAPPEN AT ONCE xD I've had these exact events planned for over a month and had the intention to turn heel since before I began to feud with Welsh. Just unfortunate timing means we've been left with basically no babyfaces. Sorry everyone. Why not let us know (@Mike Thunder @TheKingSonic) in the OOC thread who did it best? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Anyway, more on these events on the way today hopefully - if you only skimread the promo I'd recommend reading it in full because I'm pretty proud of it (though I'll probably outdo it with the next one if things go to plan), and it's possibly the most important promo for Jack Rogue ever. Thanks. <3
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