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  1. This is hilarious.

    Last night was the 666th game on Monday Night Football

    Mark Sanchez, the Jets starting QB, who coincidentally keeps Tim "Jesus Christ" Tebow on the sidelines as a backup, stats are as followed:

    6 Touchdowns
    6 Interceptions
    6.6 Yards per completion
    66 yard long
    66.6 QB Rating

    oh, and he wears #6

    The battle of Good vs Evil has begun in the form of the Jets starting QB battle.

    Wrap your brains around that
  2. :blown:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. 666 was drawn in the lotto (in Illinois! which is Obama's home state) the day Obama was elected. :obama:
  5. yup! & crayo and xanth are behind it all
  6. Dolph is our right hand man, such a tader.
  7. Illuminati! :shock:
  8. Was expecting this thread to be about me.
  9. Wow dude I was saving this info for my tell all book scheduled to release in 2014
  10. Seems fitting the devil is an American.
  11. Yea but he's of Hispanic descent.
  12. ...




    Even more fitting huehuehue
  13. :otunga:
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