The Dissapointment of the draft thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Now yeah probably some stuff is good with the draft, but something tells me we were all let down in some way from something. What did you not like about the draft?

    I can say I am indeed fairly disappointed by the draft. However I am no surprised, WWE usually always fucks everything up in some way. Now I know some things are good about this but I can't help but notice the bad here.

    -Smackdown looks fucked, I would of put Finn and the rest of the club with AJ on Smackdown, I would also put Cesaro there too.
    -The Wyatt Family has also broken up with Braun on RAW, Wyatts should all be on Smackdown as well for elevation of tag teams there too.
    -Kalisto should be on Raw, he is a Cruiserweight
    -although I did expect it, Nia Jax, Carmella and Bliss aren't ready yet for the call up. Well Carmella is... Except they put her away from Enzo and Cass where she belongs.
    -Who's idea was it to leave Bailey out? Unless it's a surprise for BG... If it's not WWE did something very wrong.
    -the overall presentation of the draft was underwhelming
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  2. The fact that Heath Slater wasn't drafted.
  3. You cry a lot.
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  4. I think this draft was just an elaborate way to clean up RAW and perform a soft reboot. Not some way to have both brands be equal and fit for competing with one another, but just away to get people to watch RAW more. No matter how you try to spin it Smackdown obivously has the weaker roster, no real saving grace for the show, no-thing or no-one exclusive that would make anyone watch it over RAW. I give this split thing 2-3 yrs tops before we go back to supershows.
  5. He's probably off on injury time after his face got busted open.
  6. You've seen absolutely nothing of the product since the draft goes into affect. Try giving it a chance before throwing toys out of prams.
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  7. Smackdown is full of star potential tho. Smackdown is going to be much more interesting to watch since the creative is going to be pushed to elevate talent.

    RAW is going to be much of the same old going forward. Smackdown will be fun to watch
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  8. Heath Slater was purposely not drafted as a joke. There's a clip of him on twitter waiting in the locker room to be drafted and then the lights go out. Now he's "WWE's hottest free agent"

    There were a few thing I didn't like about the draft. I agree about Kalisto, he should be on Raw with the Cruiserweights. I think Kevin Owens should of went to Smackdown. They need 1 more main event heel and he would of been great. Seth Rollins is top heel on Raw so KO would of been perfect for Smackdown. I'm just curious to see how they book Bray Wyatt now. I guess u could call AJ Styles the top heel on Smackdown but he really should be a babyface. Also I agree Bayley should just be drafted already. And I give Strowman about 3-4 months before he shows up on Smackdown due to 0 creative depth or quality matches he will produce on Raw without the Wyatt Family.
  9. The fact that Tye Dillinger wasn't drafted.
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  10. You honestly think that WWE went through the trouble of establishing SmackDown and rebranding it on Tuesdays, and spending the extra millions to produce it Live, to get RAW some new viewers?

    John Cena, Randy Orton and AJ Styles. The three biggest stars in the world, on one brand. They have millions of loyal fans. Just because they don't have KO and Cesaro, doesn't mean they don't have a selling point. They have the biggest draws of the last 10 years on their roster, and people still think they have no selling point. Not to add that they have multiple upcoming and potential stars like Bray Wyatt, Kalisto and Uhaa Nation.

    RAW had Cruiserweights back in 2002-2007, when the title was around. It's likely an attempt to build him up without the stigma of being a Cruiserweight.
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  11. From what I've read, one world title disappoints me.
    Ubless that's a rumor
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  12. my response to ya'll hating the fact I didn't like the draft

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  13. People do have the right to voice their discontent, you know.

    I, for one, thought the draft was far from perfect, especially the presentation.
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  14. My theory is that WWE beefed up RAW while keeping SD near decent because they were forced by the USA network to boost ratings. The brand split would get eyes on both brands as intended but WWE's (Vince Mcmahon's primarily) interest lied more so in the flagship than it did the B-show. So yes, I think WWE is crazy enough.
  15. Still don't see how people think SmackDown will be treated like a B-show while their biggest draws of the last decade+ are on their.
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  16. exactly this isn't about the future, this is just about the presentation of the draft itself!
  17. The last draft was in 2011... everyone cried. Everyone wondered why they bothered. I mean, Christian could be champ but Orton was the only star they had... I mean they could even just throw the belt on Orton on Friday, who'll ever win it from him... They get the Corre, yay... and maybe Cody Rhodes will be a top heel because they have noone else, I mean his current gimmick was some quality... Maybe Orton will turn, who knows... geez they have so little to work with my gosh how could they even...

    but then...





    :henry: :henry: :henry: :yes:

    2011 SD >>>>> 2011 Raw. (Not Punk's fault! Don't kill me!)

    Who's gonna break out on SD this year, I can't wait to find out. :emoji_slight_smile:

    (wish they kept the women on one show tho)

    Small gripes here and there are totally covered up by happiness that the brand split is back, and I hope we can all give a great big hell yeah to that!
  18. SmackDown could be more fun to watch than RAW.

    And I also have to say this: Color me surprised if the WWE title ends up on SD and the Big Gold Belt gets resurrected and becomes RAW's main title.
  19. I live with my mom

    Wasn't talking about product just the draft overall, I was expecting more so called "magic" like the stars come out when they are announced, say a few words or something. I did say Smackdown looked royally fucked but that's how it's perceived. My toys are still here.
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  20. Why would USA force RAW to boost their ratings? RAW is the biggest ratings draw USA has by far. It's not even a competition between RAW and the number 2 show.
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