The Diva's division and how it could improve

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. I think we can all agree that the Diva's division is dreadful at the moment. But it could so easily be made better, but what they are doing at the moment is extremely pointless, they have to go back to what entertained people.

    1. Have actual fueds involving interesting female characters and good female wrestlers. They have the capability to do this but they just decide not to for whatever reason.


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    2. Make it a complete whorefest. I know I sound a complete creep right now, but the though of Divas being involved in kinky matches gets folk a lot more interested in the division. Storylines like that seem to work as well.

    Example of a match

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    Example of random hotness
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    How much more interesting are both of those than the current division? I know that I've picked the particularly good Diva's moments but still, how much more watchable are those segments than this, for example.
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    Two talentless whores fighting with lots of clothes on? What's the point? If they insist on keeping the Diva's division need to take at least the direction of quality wrestling, or sexy segments - otherwise it's a total waste of everyone's time.
  2. Since it's a PG era now they can't really do sexy segments like stripping. I understand where your coming from but the current diva's are a bunch of shit, they're models apart from a few. They have limited wrestling ability and I don't think, well I know, they don't have the wrestling skills like Mickie James, Lita and Trish just to name a few. They really need to reconsider their diva's division because it's a shame. Look at what it used to be and now look at it, it's a real shame that the diva's division is totally awful.

    They should probably bring back Lita and throw her into a feud and make her women's champion. Give her some TV time, build up the feud properly and throw it in a paper view, this will actually help the diva's division and make it mean more. They should also be cutting promo's aswell because I think Lita's good on the mic, so her going on the mic is no problem. Whether she's a heel or a face the diva's division will somewhat become more entertaining.
  3. Trish was a model, then she started training. The current divas just need to want to be good at what they do

  4. Give the divas more time on Raw/Smackdown with decent feuds that are built up like the guys get
  5. Awesome thread, agree with it all.
  6. 86 the divas division and just let chicks be used as valets.
  7. I'm too busy watching that bikini contest. :gusta:

    Lol at Lawler's face.
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