The Downfall of TNA Viewership/Ratings Continues...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 4, 2013.

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  1. This is horrible, just horrible news.

    For example, two yrs ago in 2011, around this time, Impact had around 1 million and 600-700k viewers for the return of Chyna and the Mick Foley reveal as the Network executive.

    I think it's the last alarm clock for TNA and Spike to sitdown and solve this problem ASAfuckingP.
  2. This is sad. I think TNA needs to get advertised better, or just move away from Spike already.
  3. How strange. But I also hope they do something about it.
  4. Thanks a**hole Hogan.
  5. In what way is it Hogan's fault that the ratings are going down? Source on this?
  6. Brooke = ratings bro. No Brooke, no ratings. :true:
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  7. You really expected him to give you an answer?
  8. Jeez people hate on Hulk for everything.
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  9. His official title w/ TNA should be "IWC Scapegoat"
  10. The IWC blame scale:
    1. Hogan (If TNA)
    2. The Miz (If WWE)
    3. Jim Cornette (If ROH)
    4. Vince McMahon
    5. R Albin
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  11. Miz gets blamed by WWE, not the IWC.
  12. Needs more Cena, Punk and Sheamus involved.
  13. They aren't on the blame scale. They have transcended to the hate scale.
  14. Cena for sure but Punk? He does no wrong in the IWC's eyes.
  15. Punk is hated by parts of the internet.
  16. I think most people hate his marks, not the guy himself. Very few people see the vanilla midget for what he truly is like I do.
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  17. #FuckingDover

    Honestly, if they goes on the way it is, they're gonna have to ditch the A+8s story. If not, at least tease a break up or have a falling out within the group. It's sad because I'm finally beginning to enjoy it as well. Hogan certainly isn't to blame for these numbers. Just listen to his damn reaction every week. The first thing I reckon TNA will look at, and rightly so, is their main angle - Aces and Eights.

    Also, get Aries and Roode around the title scene again. The guys are absolutely awesome, and Roode's reign drew pretty good numbers did it not? Just have them higher up the card and on our screens more; They're TNA's hottest properties along with Bully atm.

    Really sad to see, seemed like things were going up for TNA as well.
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  18. The truth is ratings are far from the end all be all of how successful a wrestling company is or will be. In the grand scheme of things they really don't mean all that much. Especially when we are discussing the difference between a .95 one week and a 1.01 the next. Really doesn't mean too much at the end of the day.
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  19. Also that ^ it's like when people shit on X for not drawing just as an excuse to hate them.
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  20. Roode was actually not that good in the ratings if I remember correctly.
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