The draft and ER.

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  1. The draft (April 23rd) is before Extreme Rules right? How does that work? Is that practically a guarantee that #1 contenders and champions aren't switching?

    For example, with Bryan facing Sheamus at ER, does that mean he definitely won't be coming to RAW? Same applies for Rhodes.
  2. Does*
  3. Don't add in mistakes that weren't there.
  4. Well it still works out because at Extreme Rules the person who wins and is getting drafted can be taking that championship to his brand. Or else championships haven't swapped brands in the longest time...
  5. Which idiot thinks the WWE title is going to SmackDown though? So it rules out the WHC switching due to 2 titles on 1 brand.

    Unless Bryan is drafted and he says he'll take it to RAW, loses, and then the feud is over. Meh. Makes sense to have it after a freaking PPV though.
  6. Hopefully on the Raw the draft is scheduled for Ace comes out and cuts a promo about how the draft won't be taking place because he is the GM of both shows and he will say who wrestles who and on what show, effectively ending the brand split.

    :fingers crossed:
  7. That won't end the split though unless SD dies.

    Having guys on both shows doesn't mean the split is over, it just means there is no fucking common sense. Though saying that Henry is wrestling Punk for the WWE championship. So maybe.

    I just wish they killed SD completely.
  8. If they killed SD completely then Cody, Vickie, Dolph and Mark Henry's careers may been short changed dramatically, It gives ppl in opportunity 2 work hard and prove their worth. TV is TV and I'd jump on the chance 2 work that show
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