The draft.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Let's predict who'll be going where, who will be returning etc. Remember, this is like 1 or 2 RAW's after Wrestlemania.
  2. Cena - SD
    Orton - RAW
    Gabriel - RAW
    McIntyre - RAW
    Bourne - SD
    Swagger or Ziggler - SD
  3. Show and Kane will reunite on RAW, I got my hopes on that.
  4. Miz- Smackdown
    Barrett- Raw

    That's all I got for now, but you can book those two.
  5. Definitely Barrett, Rhodes might too.

    Hell, RAW IS RHODES!
  7. Apart from the fact it means ppl competing for the different belts.

    With the Supershow format I dont see it really matters that much which brand ppl are on we're gonna see the same ones week in week out anyways.
  8. Cena is going to sd
  9. Can't see Cena going to a taped show personally :S
  10. I have a better chance of being drafted to SD than Cena
  11. Well I doubt it.
  12. Cena's chances of being drafted to SD- 0%
    My chances of being drafted to SD- 0%

    upon further inspection, it's a draw
  13. Cena has a chance, he's employed. 1 1/3% > 0%.

  14. Cena's not going to SD. 0% chance

    0% = 0%

    it's a tie
  15. But he works for the WWE so there is always a slight chance he could get transferred to SD no matter how small.

    Probs the equivalent to the chances of winning the lottery but it's still there.
  16. Zero


    I hope it happens, I hope he gets drafted to SD and you can bump this thread and we can all laugh at me for being a dumbass. But it won't happen
  17. There is a chance tho.

    It's like me saying theres a zero per cent chance of a plane landing on my house!

    It's not very likely but there is a chance it could happen.
  18. There is a much better chance of a plane landing on your house than Cena going to smackdown
  19. I couldn't think of anything

    Ok maybe choking on a cabbage leaf!
  20. That would be such a shit death lol.

    Raw-SD Ziggler, Miz, Del Rio, Kane, Riley and Cena if he remains face.

    Smackdown-Raw Rhodes, Show, Christian and Orton if Cena switches.

    Smackdown need strengthening so I would give them the better of this draft (For a change!). Smackdown could have Miz, Sheamus and Cena as the main faces, with Del Rio, Ziggler, Bryan, and Barrett as the main heels. This is a good enough balance in my opinion.

    Raw would have CM Punk as the main baby face, with Christian, Orton and Rey Mysterio as the other main event faces. With Rhodes, Show(If he has to bloody stay in the WWE), Kane and Jericho as the main heels. There would obviously be some legend appearances as well. Triple H, Taker, potential Rock and/or Austin.

    This would make Smackdown feel a lot less like the B show. Obviously this would never happen as Vince wants it to be.
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