The Drawing Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Post pictures of your drawings in here. YOUR DRAWINGS! :annoyed:
    NOT DRAWERS!:bury:

  2. Good thing you clarified, I almost uploaded myself in my skibbies agian.
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  3. Anyways, hell ya johnny bravo
  4. Thank god!
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  5. Another Pic:
  6. The only drawing I have a picture of right now is a drawing I made way back in like... 6th/7th grade.

    +5 rep if anyone can name where it's from. :smug:

  7. If digital drawings count, I tried to make my own Grand Theft Auto character about a year back. It's definitely unfinished, but I lost the GTA feeling. It'll probably come back once Grand Theft Auto V comes out.

  8. POKEMON! :jeritroll:
  9. Kingdom Hearts!
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  10. @[Lady Deathbane], tell me I was right! :please:
  11. You're a disgrace to the gaming community. :annoyed:
  12. :upset:
    NO YOU! :cry:
  13. +5 for you! :obama:
  14. She hates you deep inside.
    She dislikes new members. :pity1:
  15. I've heard, but I'm not so new anymore, so I think I have a chance. :smug:
  16. ...more like old members. *cough* :willis:
  17. Re: RE: The Drawing Thread

  18. Drew a family portrait, nothing special but I think it's quite good personally.

    Show Spoiler
    Legit took me ages
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  19. Needs more beard....
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