Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by calster33, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Hello. I am new here. New-BUT EXCITED. I feel like it's been forever to finally get up the courage and the nerve to come here-of course,I really have no real clue as to what I was so scared of that kept me from coming here-BUT I FOUND MY WAY-AT LAST!
    I am here to tell you-my top4 faves in wrestling are-CM PUNK-he's #1(BEST IN THE WORLD OF COURSE!lol), SHEAMUS(his being Irish keeps me close to my roots as a reminder of where my family descends from and how the Irish are-keeps my feet planted firmly on Terra Firma and to not be cocky and arrogant,and keeps me modest-and well he's wild and crazy and fun and furthermore-I ADORE THAT RED HAIR!and when he pounds his chest with his fists-he looks like a caveman-lol). CENA-for many reasons-including his helping the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION-my 16 year old stepniece died from OSTEOSARCOMA BONE CANCER in March and I owe my life to The Make A WISH FOUNDATION-they took her to NYC just before she died-where she always wanted to go and they were wonderful with her. Cena making those kids so happy-makes me happy(oh gosh now I'm getting teary eyed-lol). Zack Ryder is #4-because he's fun and crazy. These 4 wrestlers are 4 of the most sweetest and baddest as well as most craziest guys I have ever come across-but in a good way.
    Punk-I just admire his ability to stand up to people with no fear and he's a killer wrestler and he's funny as heck,I love the pipebombs he's famous for and well-HE'S HOT!Each of these guys are special and unique in their own way and bring something different to the table,but I mostly love them because they are wild,crazy,strong,and a heck of a lot of fun and they know how to make people laugh when they need a good laugh,especially on a bad day.
    I cannot wait to start making friends in here as well as achieve some things I am working towards goal wise. SO AS THEY SAY IN WRESTLING:"LET'S GET IT ON!"lol.
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  2. No reason to be scared of coming on here, welcome. CM Punk is great I agree, his heel run has been fantastic so far and he was so wasted as a face in my opinion.

    Sorry to here about you Niece by the way.
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your step-niece, glad you joined the forum though. Hope your remain active. :otunga:
  4. Welcome to the site! :smug:

    Here are some of the rules that apply here.
    Also if you need any assistance PM Me or Crayo!:pity:
  5. Welcome to the forums man, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time around here a lot.
  6. Welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile: the make a wish foundation is really awesome and cena is a really nice person for all the work he does for them.

    I'm sure you will make many friends here :emoji_slight_smile:

    i like zack ryder the most out of those 4 people :emoji_slight_smile: i think he has a lot of potential. i hope he wins the title from cesaro.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate, glad you're here. I hope you stick around :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. 1st thing I see is a huge post so at least we know you put in some effort.
    2nd thing I see is courage the cowardly dog as your avatar :win: this guy is already cool with me
    Lol you have the "courage" to come here :isee: i see what you did there :haha:

    Sheamus is on ur fav wrestlers list :downer: alright...
    For those reasons I can understand why you like Cena, so I respect that.
    Punk & Ryder on ur list is a triple win :win:

    Hope you stay active, you seem interesting and I look forward to your future post. If you have any questions just PM someone. Not so much me because I'm still extra noobish with mayonnaise on the side but the older members are very helpful to us newbies.
  9. Hey, welcome to the forums! Sorry about the step niece. I hope you enjoy your time here!
  10. Welcome to the forum, calster! :emoji_slight_smile: I hope you'll enjoy it!
  11. There's a lot of reasons why I like Sheamus. He's a killer wrestler,more often than not-he stands up for what he believes in and he seems to love to fight or wrestle-lol.
    He's always egging on these other wrestlers to get in the ring. Like when Punk interrupted him during the speech he was making-I love the smile he gets when he wants and is in the mood to fight-lol.
    I also have always had a fascination with meeting people from other countries and learning their culture and listening to their diallect and how they talk.
    Sheamus always makes me completely bust into fits of laughter everytime I hear him say the word"Arse",in fact if my mom is in the room with me-when she hears it she also starts getting the giggles.
    It's not the word itself-it's the way he says it,I could listen to him say that word a million times over and never stop laughing-I just think it's completely hilarious-lol.
    I loved the joke he told when Otunga was asking him all these questions about the brogue kick and telling him about"Lipshitz"-I fell off my couch busting up so hard-I love his sense of humour,reminds me of the jokes my dad would tell when having a few too many-lol,my dad and my 3 older brothers both-lol.
    So,there's many things I love about Sheamus. What I love about Cena is not just what he does for the make a wish foundation and all-but he's also very patriotic like me-and has a huge devotion and respect for the troops.
    I come from a military family-long line,men and women,that have been in the military and also have served and fought for their country-my family has been in almost every war this country has ever been involved in.
    One of my relatives, a cousin was shot down in an Army plane in WW2-over the ADRIATIC SEA and was killed in our war against Germany.
    I love this about him and not too long ago when he and Punk were having an in-ring discussion about "RESPECT",I was listening to every word both said and it is a lesson I have just started learning,mainly on how to get it,and how to do away with "Disrespect",they hit on something close to home,it got my attention-BIG TIME.
    He's a killer wrestler,he is hot-lol(sorry but I can't lie-lol),it's his devotion to doing charity stuff and how very strongly he takes that and also-there isn't much I can do financially for the Make A Wish Foundation-and I would still like Cena even if he wasn't doing all that-but,after how wonderful that foundation was with my niece-which really meant a lot for not just myself-but my family as well and I just want to give something back to them as gratitude and a way to Thank Them for all they did for my niece-so as Long as John does for them,and makes the kids happy and puts a smile on their faces-I will support him "NO MATTER WHAT".
    It really takes someone with a big huge heart of gold and a lot of patience and time to do all that he does and I'm proud of him and I admire that quality in him-that's a very good man right there.
    Punk-He's a "YOUNG REBEL" and though I know he may hate this example-but,he reminds me a little of James Dean,he goes against the grain,he knows what he wants and will do anything he has to in order to get it and he speaks his mind and extremely opinionated like me-lol.
    Zack Ryder-hell he's just fun,wild,and crazy-reminds me of being back in highschool and remembering how it felt to be young and he makes me laugh.
    But-like I said previously-PUNK is the main #1 fave of all-can't help it-I like That Rebelliousness in him-lol,and sometimes he gets this very devilish smile that sneaks across his face and you know when he gets that look-he's up to something-and whatever it is-It ain't good-lol,when I see that smile,I see little devilish horns go up-when he started singing in the ring while wrestling Lawler-I just started rolling. Everytime,even when I remember or think about it-I just start cracking up.
    These guys all have something different in them that I like-but the 1 quality all 4 of them have that I adore is They're all wild,crazy,a lot of fun,and they definitely know how to make you laugh and their senses of humour is demented,wicked,and twisted-lol and I ADORE that-lol.
  12. Besides the fact that I'm a known noob poacher and I could deliver a head shot at any moment.

    Watch your back noob. I'm always lurking
  13. Hey Calster, welcome to the forum. Just like to make some comments on what you've been saying in this thread. I agree 100% about everything you have to say about John Cena. When you look past him in the ring and always being on the main event scene, he really is one of the WWE's best wrestlers. No other WWE superstar has ever came close to being as charitable, selfless, devoted, and noble as he is. This is one of the reasons why, while I might not enjoy him as a wrestler, I respect him a whole lot as a person. The way he touches the lives of hundreds of kids really does make you like the dude. I think that most of the IWC may look past that and are too critical of his in ring and on television abilities, but when he's off-air he's definitely one of the best. As for Sheamus, I feel the way that I do with John Cena. He might not be a wrestler I like, but he is fun to watch when it's a good back and forth battle. Despite the way he's booked by WWE, you can't take away from him being a very talented and passionate wrestler. You can tell that wrestling is what he's passionate about. CM Punk is a great wrestler. I've always been a fan of his since I first started watching WWE 5 or so years ago. His mic skills are phenomenal and his in ring skills are just as good. He is an exciting wrestler to watch and his rebellious nature is also very nice. One of the best heels in the company and the fans simply love him. Zack Ryder is also one of my favorites. He's electric in the ring and he always gets the crowd excited. Definitely one of the biggest baby faces in the whole WWE. I've always been pushing for him in the WWE, I've seen all of his youtube episodes.

    Well, that's all I have to say. Hope you enjoy yourselves on the forum and I hope to see you around sometime. :otunga:
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  14. WHAT
    NOT EVEN READING ALL OF THAT! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  15. Seeing as it was aimed at Calster, I wouldn't expect you to.
  16. MVP?!HOLY CRAP! I remember watching you on WWE-YOU WERE GREAT!Not just talent wise-but I certainly like your personality and you made wrestling look like a lot of fun,I wondered what had happened to you-one day you were on and the next thing I knew-you up and disappeared,I never did hear what happened-would sure love to hear the story. I get bummed whenever some of my favorites just up and disappear and I don't know why.
    That reminds me-I never did find out what happened to guys like:Junkyard Dog,The Iron Sheik and those guys and I have always wondered whatever became of them and whose still alive and whom is no longer with us-so if anyone has any news or update information on this-I would greatly appreciate the info. By the way JUNKYARD DOG was one of my many favorites back in the day-I DUG THE NAME-it sounded tough and cool as well and could picture in my head the characteristics of a "junkyard dog" and I've also seen 1 or 2 myself. MVP-son you just put a LARGE smile on my face that will last all day and nothing anyone could possibly say or do could remove it-THANK YOU. What an odd day-you never know whom you're going to bump into from 1 day to the next-lol.
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  17. just wanted to say i love courage the cowardly dog. it was so creepy to me as s child :emoji_slight_smile:

    so now that youve gotten your introduction out of the way, how about you check out the wrestling section? I'd love to hear about your opinions on the threads in there!
  18. :pipebomb: I love Punk also because if you were to line all the wrestlers up side by side-Punk is short,he's a little skinny guy-but he's FEISTY and he's FIERY and a BIG ATTITUDE-my stepdad is the same height as him,skinny like Punk-he too is a little guy-in fact-I'm like 2 inches taller than him-but-he's another one with a BIG ATTITUDE-he teases me all the time and tells me"I may be small-but I can still whip your tail" Punk is like the younger version of my stepdad in looks-the long nose,the finely chiseled jaw structure,the beard,the mustache-only his hair is all gray-but if you were to line the 2 up side by side-you'd think you were looking at "Father and Son"-lol.
    The older I get I find myself liking and into people like my mom likes or been attracted to-people in as the same looks and personality-and I always use to say growing up-THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO BE ME-lol,and I'm now discovering(NEVER SAY NEVER)-lol.
    When I first discovered I was turning into my mother-I smacked myself in the head saying"OH NO!IT'S HAPPENED!I AM MY MOTHER!" and for awhile I ran as far away from that as I could possibly get-only to discover-that don't work-lol.
    So, I've just managed to accept it,it is what it is-I like short and skinny or tall and lanky macho dudes on the outside-but whom inside have a heart of gold-but don't much like their male friends to be aware of that.
    When I watch and listen to Punk-it's basically like watching and hearing my stepdad-it's familiar and normal. Also, I like Sheamus not just because of his humour,being very Irish,his good looks,and being a great wrestler-I don't know-for awhile there I was kind of getting the feeling or the impression that he and Punk were BUDDY BUDDY-like brothers almost-which was another thing I liked-but now,I'm not so sure-especially after Punk interrupted him and after the match against each other-so I'm just starting to wonder what the situation is at the moment between those 2.
    CENA-He's a killer wrestler and he has a gorgeous smile and I also seem to like them Massachusettes Street Boys-lol, this lady I went to church with is from Fall River Massachusettes and she lived there for 30 years and she's been here in Michigan over 40 years and she still has her Massachusettes Accent and she tells me and educates me on all them Massachusettes Boys-especially-them Boston Boys-lol. So I have a pretty good idea as to whom John Cena is inside and out,he says THE ROCK has a million dollar smile-I hate to tell him-but so does he-lol.
    Zack-3 of my very best friends in jr. high and highschool-whom are no longer on earth-Zack reminds me a lot of everything that the 3 of my best friends were all rolled into 1 person. Also,I get the feeling he and Cena are best buds too and I like that.
    But-dang it!I like PUNK-I like that REBEL and I know that's him on the outside-but inside-there's a sensitive,soft side that he doesn't let anyone see-I would almost be willing to put money on it-because you watch him in the interviews and he's cool and calm and nellow-almost a little what seems to be some shyness and that's the side I wish he would show the wrestling world a little more of-but of course I know in the wrestling world-you can't do that.
    Wrestlers are expected to be tough and macho with lots of attitude and I accept that-but I liked BIG SHOW before the change to heel-when they changed him to heel-it just felt too fast for my liking-I wasn't ready for the complete change they were going to do on him and when he became heel-I didn't recognize him at all,he was just so mean and nasty and first thing I thought is"Who Is This Yutz? Where Is My Big Show?The Gentle Giant?" I was not at all happy with the change and now I don't like him at all-it was just too much change-way too fast.
    For a long time I couldn't even tell that Punk was turning "Heel"-because he had always been opinionated and always spoke his mind and did whatever he had to do to get what he wanted. It wasn't until I saw the episode with Brett Hart and the way he treated Hart and remembering the video he showed of his tour bus and how he had a collection of Hart Videos or DVDs and him saying how much he admired Hart and at first when I saw the episode with Hart and saw Punk treating him quite badly-I was confused for a brief second and then I got mad at him for being so danged mean-lol and then once I figured out and remembered all the talk that they were going to turn him HEEL-that's when it finally dawned on me that the now obvious change had officially begun-they just went about the change slowly so as not to confuse or frighten or upset anyone and that was why for so long I couldn't tell the change until that episode with Hart.
    Still adore him though and I see a few things that others may not,so for a bit I was mad at the change-but I couldn't stay mad for long-and I just finally learned to accept it and just understand "that's just a show-that's not really whom he is inside and it's a "guy"thing-macho on the outside and hide the soft and sensitive on the inside.
    But for BIG SHOW-it's just way too late-they went absolutely overboard with changing him way too fast,they just completely destroyed his character, I use to adore him,but after the change-he lost a fan and quickly.
    Anyway-that's all I have to say-but I think you get my point-lol.
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  19. So much enthusiasm :lol1:
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