Summerslam The Droning Of A Droid...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. So...

    It appears I will be watching SummerSlam this year...
    (Damn you WWE!!!) & I had an idea...a stupid idea...
    but still its an idea.

    Hear me out...

    So...I was thinking of recording my own "special" type
    of commentary for 5 main card SummerSlam matches
    to be posted on here are simple downloadable Mp3
    for anyone who wants to listen to them.

    But...the truth is...well...there is no point doing it if
    no one is going to listen.

    "If an Australian wrestling fans complains...and nobody
    listens...does it even count?"

    So...I guess I'm looking for a yay or nay on this...and
    also...well...I will of course be recording a commentary
    track for the 2 women's title matches...but I was going
    to throw the option open for you guys to pick the other
    3 matches...and yes that includes Lesnar vs. Reigns
    Mk.4 if you guys actually want to hear me be downright
    nasty...or bored...or chanting for CM Punk.

    So...the short of the long is:

    Would you listen to me "commentate" 5 of the SummerSlam


    If you would...what 3 other matches would you nominate for
    me to commentate on?

    Honesty is the best policy let me know what you
    think of this "idea" & as always...I'll see you all around the

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  2. I liked what you did with Jacob so I would listen.
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  3. Hearing you complain would be like listening to myself complain, which is cool.
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  4. You should do one with me.
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  5. 3 people are interested...

    I'm going to need a few more...but
    its a good start.

    PM me...

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  6. If you're complaining for 5 matches, i'll definitely listen.. Listening to fans complain is music to my ears..

    Lesnar vs. Reigns has to be one of them

    What other bad matches that will likely get a negative reaction from fans?

    Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin?

    Really hoping Carmella retains now, the commentary would be epic.
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  7. Okay...

    Oh God...1 vote for Lesnar/Reigns Mk.4

    Perhaps you guys could suggest some matches I could be positive about?

    You just want to hear me in pain don't you brother Sheik?
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  8. AJ and Joe?

    If that was the case, i would say Alexa Bliss retains holding the Women's title high above her head to end SummerSlam.. fireworks for her and everything.
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  9. Nice...1 vote for A.J & Joe.

    I've actually never seen them fight before...
    even though I've read their TNA matches
    ranged from amazing to SKIP!!!

    Well...I guess it depends on how many
    hand jobs she's willing to hand out (HA!)
    doesn't it?

    Plus as much as the WWE love pushing
    Alexa...she isn't getting that top spot over
    Lesnar & Vince's Pet Dog.
  10. Assuming you'll dash in a dose of humor in there I'd tune in...
    Or splash in a dash
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  11. #11 Grievous II, Aug 15, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018
    Well...I'll try to make it funny & informative...
    I don't now if it will be.


    So...the 2 women's title matches, Styles vs. Joe,
    Lesnar vs. Reigns (Ugh) & 1 more match...
  12. Hold on lemme google what the matches are and see if i can pick out another match you might complain about :adr:

    Edit: Meh none of the other ones looked to be really good complain fests. I'd like to see Bryan vs. Miz. Also i'd def watch it!
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  13. Its too late Broski...

    The two women's title matches...
    Styles vs. Joe...
    Lesnar vs. Reigns...
    the 5th one is my "Wildcard" match.

  14. Sounds like a good time. I could watch an hour long video of you complaining about a Butterfly and be happy with it so
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  15. Okay...well Thank you...& I really hope I don't have to do that much complaining.

    *Looks Around*

    Guys...I actually want to like wrestling...not hate it.