The Drought Could Be Causing Earthquakes in California

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  1. As if the drought couldn't get any worse, geologists now think that changes in groundwater could be destabilizing the infamous San Andreas Fault. The new research presents what one may call, as the SF Public Press put it, "a grand unified theory of California problems: drought, water use, and earthquake risk." Translation: sucks to be you, California.

    The study published this week in Nature started with asking why the Sierra Nevadas and Coastal Ranges have been rising by 1 to 3 millimeters every year. The answer seems to lie with groundwater, which is being increasingly depleted by agriculture in the Central Valley. Katherine Bourzac explains in the San Francisco Public Press:

    To picture how water can play a role in this, think of the Earth's surface like a flexible sheet of plywood with a weight on it. "The upper portion of the earth is elastic, and the ground water is weighing it down like a brick," [the study's author Colin] Amos said. Removing groundwater is like lifting that brick. The earth's crust literally flexes up. As it moves up, it pushes up the Sierra Nevadas and the Coastal Ranges.

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    R.I.P Cali
  2. Better get working building some more desalinization plants.

    Or....that's what you get for putting so many people in what is essentially a desert.

  3. It is going to be hotter than normal, breaking records this summer in cali. Be prepared. Many scientists are saying cali may end up in the ocean. Thanks HAARP!
  4. So long, my good friend. Please keep me in your thoughts ;__;
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