News The Dudleys Going On The Road With WWE, Backstage News On Their Return And Status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 25, 2015.

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  2. The Dudleys' surprise entrance was a legitimate mark out moment for me, especially since it was a great follow-up to the opening segment with Lesnar, Heyman, and Bo Dallas.

    Here I am thinking they were just gonna set up The New Day vs The Prime Time Players for the tag titles at Night Of Champions (which would have been fine to me), and then out come The Dudleyz to mix it up. Awesome. Shame Bubba wasn't allowed to grab his crotch while delivering those collection of punches to Big E, but oh well, that's PG for you.
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  3. I'll mark out even more if it's a TLC match.
  4. Freaking awesome. They looked great and it was such a nice change up. Having them battle the new day will be great.

    I want to see them help push young talent as well as hold the gold a couple more times.
  5. They're full timers? Awesome. I was wondering if that was a one time thing or would it be a short term thing. With a show including Bo Dallas getting decimated by Brock Lesnar, the debut of Braun Stowman after surprisingly never debuting on NXT, the predictable but still awesome return of Sting, and this return. You would expect The Dudleys to go help with NXT, but I guess not.
    And if you're gonna bring The Dudleys in, maybe they should consider bringing Rhyno up from NXT. I'd love to see him in there with guys like Rollins, Sheamus, Rusev, Bray, perhaps teaming up with Ambrose and Reigns sometime, and as a heel, Dolph, Ryback, Cesaro, (I mean come on, he can have a good match with anybody) just bring him up for a few main roster feuds. I'd like to see him on RAW and I'm sure others here would as well
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  6. Their match has to be a form of no DQ. That would be a sure fire way for me to want to catch the PPV for sure.
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    Yeah WWE so had me, they did a good job at keeping that secret ha, and awesome! Dudleyz always got it
  8. I've wanted the Dudleyz back since Bubba was at the RR, so happy now.
  9. If anyone can work a TLC match with the Dudley Boyz, it'd be The New Day. Hopefully they get passed the PTP arch before they go through with it, though. Three teams worked for TLC matches back then because all of them had stuff to add, and they worked off each other well. The PTP wouldn't add anything noteworthy to the match.
  10. If they're going to do a triple threat at NoC, then surely the New Day would retain and I guess they'd blow the feud off in a TLC match or something like that down the road.
  11. Maybe WWE should consider bringing Rhyno up from NXT
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  12. Good to hear some full time returns. I liked what they did on Monday, and they're sure to be a great addition to the tag team division.

    Still though, Do It For The Day.
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