Spoiler The Dudleyz Might Become Tag Team Champions Soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Actually, they might be splitting up soon instead...

    WWE Breaking Up The Dudley Boyz? | Wrestling-Edge

    Not that I'm completely against the idea in theory (although splitting them apart didn't exactly do either guy any favors when they did it back in 2002 during the first draft lottery), but a heel Ryback would do the whole asshole bully character better than Bully Ray imo. Watch his 2013 heel work when he was portraying one and compare.
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  2. YES PLEASE. Bully Ray is an amazing gimmick.
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  3. Fine by me
  4. I actually prefer them as a tag team. Bubba ain't good enough to have the long main event singles matches I'd expect out of his singles gimmick.

    Also. What's Wrestle-edge?
  5. I liked Bully quite a bit, but they are going to be best suited for tag teaming in WWE.
  6. Theyll still be jobbing either way. Except now Dvon would be jobbing to Bubba probably
  7. They need to be more prominently booked on the shows before they turned, even if it means them just losing on Raw beforehand. If not it'll end up like the PTP split did. I'd like to see it happen, Bully Ray could get a good U.S Title run. It was a great gimmick, it was his peak potential IMO. I don't think it'd be enough to warrant him into the ME scene for the WWE, though.

    Guys like him and Jericho are perfect for the rily vet role, especially ones with a chip on their shoulder.
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  8. Do it. Heel Bully was great. I don't expect him to be in the ME scene, but he could be a solid singles hand in the midcard.
  9. Bully Ray was amazing. I'm cool with this.
  10. Bubba ray is great as a tag team guy or a singles wrestler. Go for it. He could feud with guys like Dean and Neville.
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