The "Dumbing Down" of America

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  1. "You are being trained, not educated."

    This woman, Charlotte Iserbyt was Canada born, highly educated, and as of this video she is 84. Does she sound uneducated? Dumbed down? "Old"? No.

    I was thinking about this over the last few years and more and more information is coming out about this. The education system in America is designed to keep people at "worker bee" level, as Charlotte speaks of in the video. Basically this means being smart enough to do manual labor but dumb enough to not question why. There are many facts surrounding what she speaks on as well as theories, but I will leave you all to decide for yourselves.... If you can.

    The American education system rewards children by not thinking outside the box. Anytime a child thinks differently in this school system, they are considered to have a "learning disability". It isn't a learning disability, it is a training disability. Think of a rebellious puppy. People assume a puppy who refuses to listen is stupid. Many people find "untrainable dogs" useless. The puppy is not "stupid" simply because it is untrainable, it is smart to think for itself and wants to do what it feels is most enjoyable or necessary.

    I am not sure how the education systems work around the world but I clearly see a pattern of American citizens (children, teens, and young adults) who are not capable of critical thinking. Rather than asking questions, they defend why it is logical to not ask questions and just do as they are told.

    Charlotte also speaks on keeping minorities stupid/dumbed down on purpose. It is considered "racist" to say most blacks or Hispanics in America are "stupid" yet it is a FACT that they are highly uneducated, more so than whites. This is not due to the fault of their own, but the system that is running against them. It has even tricked them into believing any member of their race seeking to better their life or education status is "for the whites" or a "sell out". Things like racism thrive and still are alive and well today because of the educational system.

    The education system is not the only problem here. TV shows that parents are allowing their kids to absorb are also being used against them. TV shows, video games, and even movies have become "dumbed down" and easy to follow as well. They, more often than not, don't challenge a child to think for themselves but think as a collective figure. Think of cartoons and video games over the years and compare them. You will see what I mean.

    Why is it that so many Americans choose to ignore this stuff? Is it because they don't care? Is it because they are uneducated on the facts? Or is it simply because they were trained not to ask questions?
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  2. Apathy. It's too late, we're all fkd. :okay:
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  3. We need to encourage kids to be thinkers, ask questions, test theories both on religion and science. Not let them sit in this public school system and become drones who do only what the masses do. The dumber the children become, the more adults we will have who will stand for nothing and fall for everything.
  4. Pretty damn late to the party on this one.
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  5. Yeah we been screwed since the 1800's. It has been getting progressively (at a fast pace) worse since the 80's though. Even my mother said she is thankful to have not been growing up in this day and age lol
  6. Then tell that bitch to throw her cell phone away.

    Really though, I agree with most of it, and it's only becoming worse. When I was young (86 baby) we still had winners AND losers, and we were better off for it.
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  7. Mostly losers now. lol
  8. Questions everything. Except religion, of course. We are headed to a one world communist state, this is why they doing this.
  9. Religion is 1 of the first things I would question. Religion and Currency are the most corrupt things in this world and the reason why shit is all fucked up
  10. Religion is a tool man uses to control people... Same with currency... They may as well be the same thing.
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  11. In most countries now currency *is* a religion. We created currencies to make trade easier then allowed the people we put in charge of those currencies to turn them into abstract concepts that were easier to abuse.

    Same story in the UK though. We closed our technical colleges and stoped funding apprenticeships and now we're all sad because we don't have a manufacturing industry any more. We introduced layer after layer of standardised tests in exam conditions and now we wonder why graduates can't think for themselves, they can only go looking for information that's already out there and that fits into the framework they've been taught. Even our main television network has dumbed right down. If you watch BBC documentaries from the 1960s they're vastly more academic than what's produced now.
  12. All thanks to the Jews.
  13. Everything is a religion to you, lol.
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  14. ur mums a religion