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WWE is holding its upcoming Elimination Chamber 2020 event on Mar. 8 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A local advertisement has suggested that the titular Elimination Chamber match will include Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin, and Robert Roode.

Dave Meltzer discussed the advertised lineup on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, and it turns out that Roman Reigns is the only lock among that group. Here is what Meltzer had to say about it:

“It was a lineup sent to sell tickets.”

“They just threw six names there. It may be those six, there may be other guys other than Roman Reigns.”

“It is gonna be a 6-way Elimination Chamber match, but who the six guys are is definitely subject to change.”
Well, at least we know it won’t be a 7-way chamber match like the one from 2018, where Braun Strowman eliminated five men, only to fall victim to Reigns at the end.

Current rumors suggest that Roman Reigns is penciled in to challenge for the Universal championship at WrestleMania 36, and winning the Elimination Chamber match is the most obvious way to make that match happen. That explains why Roman is locked in as a participant of the chamber match.

As far as the other advertised names are concerned, Robert Roode is the one who stands out as the most likely to be replaced. I could definitely see that spot going to Sheamus instead. But who knows, maybe WWE will double down on Corbin’s henchmen by keeping Roode in there and instead replacing Shinsuke Nakamura with Dolph Ziggler. And considering how much this event boosted Kofi Kingston last year, perhaps he should not be rued out either, even though he is currently busy in the tag team scene opposite Miz and John Morrison.

Which five superstars do you want to see join Roman Reigns in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match?

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