News The Empress...Has Fallen?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Grievous II, Aug 25, 2017.

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  1. Asuka relinquishes NXT women’s championship

    I...I honestly don't know how I feel about this situation...

    In hindsight it would have been better for Ember to go
    over in Brooklyn...and with the women's title now vacant...
    it could mean Ember Moon, Nikki Cross or even Ruby Riot
    could be the next champion...

    But...really...this kind of sucks.

    I guess it might be a way to get Asuka onto the main roster
    without her suffering a defeat...but if she's not moving to the
    main roster when she's recovered...then why take the title off
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  2. This is an unfortunate way to end a long-term title reign, but injuries happen. At least with this, she is undefeated on the main roster when she goes. She even mentioned she is going to negotiate with Raw and SD (in kayfabe) once she is healed.

    So get well soon, Empress of Tomorrow, and I hope to see you make people cry on the main roster. :bayley:
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  3. Ain't that the truth...

    I second this 110%


    Now I start to panic...because as we all know...
    the main roster loves it 50/50 booking...and I
    truly hope they don't book the Empress like that.
  4. Man ... I mean she's still undefeated so that's cool. Hopefully she'll be back to make people cry soon lol
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  5. honestly, this is the best thing that could have happened to her. I was always wondering how they're gonna end this title reign without making her walk into the main roster with a defeat.. and this is perfect. There is nothing sad about this and the whole concept of "putting someone over" in developmental is insane anyways. You should always come up to the main roster as the best NXT has to offer, that's why I've always thought about having a rule in NXT which goes something along the lines: if you retain your title 5 or more times successfully, you get called up so nobody has to lose to anyone before getting the promotion. That's a kayfabe way of saying "you're ready now, there's no competition for you here" (sounds a lot like a video game rule.. well.. in that case NXT should just be the tutorial anyways)

    Especially during a time where developmental is so exposed and watched by many, it's kinda tarnishing to a wrestlers credibility when they just lost a match a month before coming onto the main roster scene as a "threat". But hey, looking forward to Asuka being the longest reigning Raw & Smackdown womens champion at the same time
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  6. A lot of people have already said this, and I'm in complete agreement. This is the 2nd best thing that could've happened to Asuka. The idea of her losing in NXT absolutely baffles me. It's developmental, we have this super undefeatable person, I don't care how good developmental is you bring the undefeatable person to the main roster undefeatable

    For those wondering, the best possible scenario would've been Asuka essentially saying "f*ck* all of you" and leaving NXT without the injury while still vacating the title
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  7. This is the only way it should've ended (minus the injury). Hopefully she goes undefeated on the main roster.
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  8. Are we sure it isn't an 'injury' wwe thought up to give her an out? is it a legit injury?

    If so that's a shame but I agree this gives her a stronger entrance into the main roster. I never like main roster debutants losing their last NXT match, makes them look weak af.
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  9. I agree and who really knows. Anyway, it's the best thing for her. She comes up on the roster undefeated. WWE will play off that undefeated streak and when she is on the main roster, it will be an excellent story.
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  10. long can she remain undefeated?
    And if she is moved to the main roster who
    gets/needs "the rub" by defeating her?

    The way the main roster creative team thinks
    they will probably have Alexa Bliss pin her after
    some kind of "standard heel tactic" like raking the
    eyes or a shot to the throat.

    Basically who on the main roster would actually
    need the rub of defeating Asuka?
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  11. Forever

    Minoru Suzuki...or Io Shirai. Point is not a f*cking soul, especially if they put the belt on her.
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  12. Why worry about a rub right now? Just worry about her coming up to the main roster and having a great run. As wrestling fans we worry too much about wrestlers putting other wrestlers over that we often forget to just enjoy their runs.
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  13. Hey...I agree with you...its just the Asuka situation is different...
    its basically the same situation the WCW found themselves in
    with Goldberg...and well...we all know how that ended.

    Also the WWE doesn't have the best track records as far as
    "streaks" go. I will point to the Undertaker's Wrestlemania
    streak as the main example...and I will also point to Charlotte's
    2016/2017 pay per view streak as an example of how a streak
    can be built up and any division.

    I mean just look at Neville recently...they took the title off him
    on RAW...then had him reclaim it a SummerSlam and then go
    over Tozawa in the rematch on 205 Live.

    So...what was the point? A six day reign for Tozawa? Why?

    Why not just have Neville keep the belt and continue to build
    him up as this true (cruiserweight) beast.

    Neville dropping the belt only proved...well...he's tough...but
    he can be beaten.

    My concern with the main roster creative team is they can't
    leave well enough alone.

    "Let's have *Insert Random Name here* win the title!"


    "Something to do I guess..."

    "That's the only reason?"

    "Let's book it! And we can always have *Insert Random Name here*
    win the belt back next week or at the next pay per view"

    "But why do it in the first place?"


    I guess I just want titles and win/loss records to matter...and not just
    be smothered by 50/50 booking.
  14. I agree about the other stuff in your posts but I don't necessarily agree there because that streak was friggin awesome. How it came to end was a polarizing issue because while yes, it would have been better if a younger talent got the rub, it legitimized Brock as this uber beast. Let's not forget he was facing big show at the rumble before this WM. I mean, Big Show. In a build where he RAN from Big Show.

    They could have made him a beast in another way but the streak ending gave them that image overnight. That and the dessimation of Cena lol.

    But to Fox's point, I think Undertaker's streak itself, not just the ending, is a really epic one.

    But like I said, I totally agree with the other stuff with the stupid PPV streak and Neville's reign getting a hiccup in the name of Tozawa.
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  15. The thought of seeing her on the main roster soon makes my heart hurt.(Not as much as it does seeing you hurt.) Farewell Asuka, and thank you for the greatest Women's run of all time.
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  16. The latest rumor is Asuka will be on the RAW brand and will be
    making her first main roster appearance at the TLC pay per view
    on October.

    I'd much rather Asuka on SmackDown...but hopefully this would
    mean that with Asuka on RAW...Peyton Royce & Billie Kay will
    get drafted to SmackDown.

    One would also have to think that when/if Nikki Bella returns she
    will also be on the RAW brand as Cena is now there.

    Just thinking out loud...
  17. "On Wrestling Observer Radio, it was said there’s talk backstage of awarding Asuka’s vacated NXT title to the winner of Sept. 12’s Mae Young Classic final."

    that actually makes a lot of sense.. man this Asuka injury came perfectly timed

    of course, anything for our prom king and queen whilst all the other couples in the company have to deal with different traveling schedules lol
  18. It sucks that she's injured, but she should've dropped the title to Ember at TakeOver.

    Anyways, have a speedy recovery, Asuka.
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  19. saw on YouTube that Asuka relinquished the title and said goodbye. I bet most of the
    women applauding were like "Thank GOD she's leaving! Now I have a shot at the belt."
    Good luck Empress-san and kick a$$!
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  20. Yeah, we need to send her the most luck we can. Cause she will need it on the main roster.
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