The End for D'Z?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Sep 5, 2015.

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    So throughout history, we've come to know that the end of a superstars career is signaled by a couple things. An injury, old age or an affair storyline.:fact:

    Now it's Dolph Ziggler's turn to be thrown into the pit. Is this really the end of his push as a midcarder? Is this really the end of a fruity career?:ricardo:

    Seriously though, what do you guys think about this new storyline, and what will it do to help/hurt Dolph Ziggler.
  2. What a shit thread.
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  3. Thanks, I tried. But I do mean this in seriousness.

    Affair storylines aren't a good sign, for anything. Name one superstar who came out of an affair storyline looking good. Zack Ryder? Big Show? John Cena? It's all really stupid, and sadly Dolph Ziggler is getting thrown into this batch of failures. And judging by the fact that the WWE couldn't give one shit about protecting Ziggler, they might actually be happy if this ruins his credibility.
  4. If rumors are to be believed it's Rusev that this is set up to fail. Not Dolph.
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  5. Ziggler is there until he decides against it. He is a jobber because of his ability, same as Hall and many others before him. Midcarder, jobber to the stars...that's all there is to it.

    Ziggler can stay in WWE forever and he will never be pushed properly, that's all there is to it. Fans would have to jump off the Bryan dick and other subpar stars to get DZ his own push - and even then it would be limited. He is a shoutout to the 90s style and will never be heel of the company. Proof? Seth Rollins can't hold a torch to Ziggler in my book, his fake laugh and other shit are great, but Ziggler is > and that is the issue, because Rollins is accepted as a shitbag heel the likes of CM Punk.

    Let's face it, Ziggler > CM's Shitstain on the WWE, Rollins, and more. It doesn't mean they aren't great in their own right, but Ziggler is HoF material in ANY other era. He is this generations Jericho. The HBK, the Steamboat.
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  6. tbh, Seth Rollins is better than Dolph Ziggler. But that's about it. He's on par if not better than Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan. He's one of the elite wrestlers on their roster, but sadly he's always given shit to work with.
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  7. lolololololololololololol

    Ziggler is where he's at because he is a bump monkey. He's an amazing bumper but a bad seller and storyteller as noticed by him being right back up no matter what he is hit with. The guy got thrown over an announcetable into a chair and still was able to run into the ring, climb a ladder and win a briefcase with no rest in between. His matches with Rusev has been some of his best because Rusev doesn't take that shit.

    Then we have the subject of Ziggler's bad promo ability and forced cool guy schtick but that is for another day.

    There is more mileage in a guy like Rollins and more to get out of him, than there is out of Billy Gunn's clone.
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  8. There is more milage, but Ziggler certainly isn't worse at his promos than rollins, i'd say they are close. You have your opinion and it's well documented on certain workers, I have mine. Ziggler could have been face of WWE just the same as Rollins, the super kick needs to be sold better and we'd be fine.

    I know you puro all your shit, but as far as WWE is concerned, Ziggler could easily be put in the front of the force if babied and held up the same as Rollins before SS. How many ppv's in a row did dude not legit win anything before he finally became strong? I'm all for Rollins now, but it's only been 2 months max he was a legit threat, and I hate bitch heels.
  9. Yeah WWE needs some monster heels. Not Brock Lesnar monster heel, i'm talking Vader. Doing the unthinkable (Vader crushing Monsoon on his first RAW)
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  10. Rollins is never Jericho. I'm not putting him down or Ziggler, but to me Ziggler is more Jericho than Rollins easily.
  11. Ziggler being the face of the E would be like Billy Gunn being the face of the WWE. And we all know how that worked out.
  12. The One Billy Gunn could have been great, it was poorly layed out. Jericho's unified title run was worse tbh.
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  13. Stop making the Billy Gunn jokes, and actually give a valid point. Why exactly would he not be a good main eventer?
  14. His promo ability seems perfectly fine to me, he does over-bump but he sells perfectly fine. His cool guy shtick does look forced, but it works with him.
  15. Lack of charisma, lack of proper in ring storytelling. Billy Gunn, like Dolph thinks that a loud voice equals a good promo and charisma. It equals neither.

    Billy Gunn and Ziggler made a career out of high tempo matches, neither were or are any good at telling long, structured main event matches.

    Ziggler doesn't sell shit. He bumps.
  16. Bork sells like shit, Undertaker is too old for any decent match, HHH has the same match time and time again, Jericho Jobs, Ziggler oversells. All are overused complaints, hell Ziggler is making Silver (def not gold) against a guy we all assumed would be gone and dead by now. Ziggler gets the bad deals and still gets huge pops and sells.

    DZ > DB all day, every day. Ziggler is babyface all day every day, and if you're making comparisons, it should be with HB Shizzle.
  17. HBK sold way better than Ziggler ever has. Ziggler is some form of human pinnball, which devalues the offense of the guy working with him. The point of selling is to make what is done in the ring look legit. Dolph does not achieve that with his bump monkey shenanigans.Ziggler would be happy if he made bronze if it wasn't for Rusev.

    Don't see why you want to bring Daniel Bryan into this but sure, I'll use him to shoot holes in this argument. When Bryan has a bodypart worked over, he makes that effect his work for the rest of the match. You work overr his left arm? That arm is out. You take out his leg, he hobbles. Bryan in short, sells until he has a rush of adrenaline, has his fire spot, then collapses. Ziggler doesn't get that, which after ten years in the WWE is mindboggling.

    Dolph is not main event material. He's a tag team guy without a partner. When I compare him to Billy Gunn its not to be funny, it's because he is the new age Billy Gunn.
  18. I agree he is Billy Gunn, but feel he is used just as poorly. I don't expect him to ME WM but I do agree on all of your points, I just feel he has been poorly used for a few years and it works the same as HBK vs Hogan style. DB I mentioned because both abuse their bodies horribly, but while DB has hurt himself, Ziggler was hit with his physical issues because of the opponents he is with.

    You are crazy saying Bronze with Rusev though, he is the only reason dude still is relevant in any way, same as the last few opponents he has faced since ADR. Ziggler is > The Big guy, and would be a substantially better IC champ - coming from a huge fan of Ryberg. I just feel he is due for a midcard run and is used poorly. Ziggler with Lana is dead in the water, but you also know how I feel about Ryder. I feel Ryder is one of the top talents in WWE.
  19. I'll agree that Ziggler is misused, he is a deserving midcarder. But he not being well used is in part due to WWE only recently realizing they have a midcard. I cannot agree on Rusev tho since I mark for the guy and think he has a lot of potential.

    Another problem that holds Dolph back that also held Billy back is I don't think his wrestling mind is as mature as his body/athletic work. When you talk about a wrestler maturing you have to talk both about his athletic ability and his mind for the business. AJ Styles has the time of his life right now and is bonafide one of the best in the world now because he himself said "My mind has catched up with my body". He's simply getting what he has to do at any given time in ring. I don't think Dolph has hit that yet. Billy gunn hit that point when his career was basically over. Another example is Mark Henry, he signed with the WWE in 95-96, but he didn't "get it" until the hall of pain
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  20. I agree with you entirely there. I just think the maturity used is the fault of WWE and how they develop.
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