Kayfabe The End Is Near

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    The Arena goes dark as Ellis Klein's music hits, the crowd wait and Ellis' music continues to play, he does not appear. The crowd begin to talk between themselves, suddenly a fraction of the arena turn around, Ellis makes his way from the door that is normally used as an exit for the crowd. The crowd erupt as Ellis pushes the door open; but Ellis doesn't seem to be himself, he is wearing a black, hooded leather jacket over his ' Resilient, Unstoppable, Victorious ' shirt. In his hand is a kendo stick, Ellis stands by some fans that are seated in the top row, he stops for a moment and looks at the kendo stick that he is holding. After a while of gazing at the foreign object he begins to walk down the steps, he jumps the barricade and climbs up the steel steps, he enters the ring and places the kendo stick on the floor. He grabs a mic and raises it to his mouth.
    Ellis: Karma, it's a complex thing. What goes around comes around, you wrong someone they will wrong you back with deep vengeance. Chris Young, he wronged me, he knew he couldn't beat me, so he injured me, tried to stop me from pursuing his Intercontinental Championship. *Ellis points to his T-Shirt* But you see this right here? It's my motto, it's what I live by. Resilient, to be able to withstand difficult conditions. Unstoppable, impossible to prevent or stop. Victorious, to be triumphant. You see this is what is going to happen at SummerSlam. The Young's tried to injure me but I was resilient. Come SummerSlam, I will be unstoppable and in the end I will be triumphant.

    Ellis pauses for a slight moment
    Ellis: So Chris, how's the ribs? Karma got you didn't it? You tried to hurt me, so I got you back and a man I have defeated with ease beat you, you lost to the Webmaster, he picked you apart. Now you know how it feels to be beaten with such a hellish object. But, there is a difference between us, you rolled over in that match, you went out there just trying not to get hurt. Whereas, myself I went out to win, I put my body on the line, no pain could of stopped me, I went out there to entertain these wonderful people!

    The crowd explode with cheers for Ellis, once they have stopped Ellis begins to look at the kendo stick that is on the mat.
    Ellis: Foreign objects, they hurt, they really do, they cause unimaginable pain to everything in their path, but that pain drives my on, makes me strive to do greater things, to cause greater harm to my opponent. That leads me on to my next point, at SummerSlam the Ellis Klein and Chris Young saga comes to end and I want to end it with a bang and that championship round MY waist! So at SummerSlam, I want a no holds barred match!

    The crowd begin to chant 'Yes', once the noise die downs Ellis begins to speak again.
    Ellis: And I can finish Chris like he attempted to finish me, with that thing right there!

    Ellis grabs the kendo stick and raises it in the air.
    Ellis: So, Chris what do you say to that, are you gonna show your face, speak your mind?

    Ellis waits for Chris' response

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    *Out walks Chris Young dressed in a killswitch engage t-shirt under a hooded jacket and a pair of dark blue jeans.
    Chris With the belt in his hand and a look of rage on his face starts to walk down to the ring, He walks over to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a microphone with a look of disdain he stares down Ellis as he circles the ring resting on the steps before entering the ring.
    Chris is moving in a very manic style .*

    Chris: Hey man I just got to say that is the biggest bull I ever had to listen to in my 25 years alive and I was so sick of hearing you run your mouth I had to come out here to shut you up.
    Yea I lost, You win some you lose some and you my boy, You’re going to lose so badly at SummerSlam it will make your grandkids cry.
    Ellis You’re going to get your neck broken and your back broken and you’re going to get your fingers pulled, I’m going to break you, Ellis, because I’m a man who does not believe in luck but I do believe in hard work and kicking ass to make it something you will never know.
    You see this?, This is the intercontinental championship this is a target I don’t care about the belt hell holding a belt makes you a target like having anything good does.
    All my life I had things taken away from me, My dad by the cops, My mom by drugs and my cousin by social workers...nice girl smart as a whip. I’m done having things taken from me I will never give up this championship I have spilled too much blood and use too many fake names at hospitals because you could not afford insurance and sleep in your car to get by with the 50 bucks in your pocket I’m done!

    *Chris’ Eyes pop open and he maniacal moves around the ring never taking his eyes off of Ellis.*

    Chris: What’s wrong Ellis you’re looking a bit off is to me? Everyone runs from hell my wife ran from me the first time we met in Japan.
    This match of our is anything goes and you know what Ellis that is my kind of place.
    I Love it when blood drips from my face and I hear it hit the mat I love the sound it makes.
    I show no remorse cause I don’t have any and Ellis you will see first hand why Chris Young is going to blow the doors off of this place, The voices know my pain and they say win and make him bleed like a pig.
    And after I beat you after I end you in this ring and make you quit I will go on to show the whole damn world why I’m amazing and why I’m the best at everything I do.

    *Chris Smiles with devilish style and moves back and forward moving his head as he did with his arms out and he rolls out of the ring and starts walking around the ring and he starts to speak again.*

    Chris: I’m as good as they say I am and I as dangerous as they say I am as my eyes are seeing’ red double vision from the blood I’ve shed the only way I’m leavin’ is dead with this title and I’m full of deep cuts right down to the marrow my bones are shattered but it doesn’t matter cause I am moving’ forward as I am the madman on a mission.
    Kill the silence with a new spin, this is violence and we are well I am going to show the world I’m out of control and you are in my control Ellis and at Summerslam, I will end you.

    *Chris Rolls back into the ring and stares down Ellis not blinking once.*
  3. Ellis raises the mic to his mouth
    Ellis: I've got no more to say Chrissy-boy, see you Saturday when I raise the championship and my arm is raised.

    Ellis graps the kendo stick and snaps it in half, he drops the remains of it onto the mat, he then rolls out of the ring winks at Chris and jumps the barricade. He walks up the stairs and exits the way he arrived, through the fire escape door.