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  1. *A loud scream plays throughout the arena as the spotlight hits the ramp and a spiritual sign appears on the ground with none other than Chris knelt down in the middle of it. His theme hits*

    *The crowd already begin to chant enthusiastically*

    Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you
    *A sadistic smirk appears on the face of Chris as he jumps onto the apron and his pyro goes off. He jumps over the top rope and sits in the middle with his legs crossed*
    So apparently it's becoming a thing now where I fight people with horrible records, but hey I can't complain because it's just making mine better. Anyway I'm fighting the man who brought me into this company and then decided to turn his back on me to join a couple of nobodies because I was doing what was needed to be done to get to the titles and show we weren't just a couple of guys who didn't deserve anything. Who would of thought the crowd favourite betrays his so called "brother" well the way I see it a traitors only punishment is being broken and that's exactly what I'm going to do to you Tony. You joined a couple of guys to take me down and you think you're worth more than me but we'll see what you're really worth when I make you my own little masterpiece of barbwire, broken bones and blood. I'm going to wrap a kendo round your neck and choke you out until you're begging for mercy, I'm going to smash your head in with a bat until you can barely see out of your eyes because of the waterfall of blood running down your face and I'm going to break your ankle because that's what you deserve.
    *Chris stares into the camera with a glare that would worry Satan himself and then rolls out of the ring and calls for something to be brought down. With the crowd looking curious and in complete silence a cell comes crashing down to the floor*
    Haha here's my office in fact no, here's my home where I love to stay, where I feel welcome, where I do what I love most which is make sure people don't just walk out but make sure they have to be carried out.
    *Chris wraps his hand around the steel of the door and viciously rips it off of its hinges*
    I'm going to make sure you go through this steel and then I'm going to beat you down on the outside but give you just enough energy to where you can climb upto the top of this hellacious structure just so I can throw you right back off the top through this lovely solid announcers table just to make sure you're completely broken and battered.
    *Chris begins to climb to the top of the cell and stomps down on one of the middle squares which falls upon impact and Chris just sits on the edge looking down...you can almost see the cogs going round in his head*
    You're going straight down there Tony...from heaven straight down to the hell you'll never want to go back to, the hell where I'm going to put you down once and for all because down there is where I'm best because I'm stronger and bigger than you and I sure as hell can use weapons better than you. If youve got anything to say about it Tony then you can just come out here and say it to my face or of course if anyone else has anything to say about it.
    *A familiar theme plays and so does a familiar character*

    *Alex comes down to the ring looking awfully confident in himself*

    I believe that you're getting too big for your own good because WHEN Tony beats you at Money In The Bank he will...
    *Alex face fills with worry as Chris throws him over the top rope and spears him straight through one of the cells squares he then gets Alex in the suplex position and then flips him up into a powerbomb through the announce table and looks up at the ramp as he begins to shout*
    *Chris looks like he's going insane and then looks right into the camera with those evil eyes and a devilish smirk*
    You will suffer the same fate Tony.
    *Tony comes out of nowhere and spinning uppercuts Chris, who then stands up by the barricade and gets another huge uppercut as both the superstars fly straight over the barricade. Anger begins to overtake Tony as he stomps on the ground and goes to get a chair and in this time Chris has begun to get up, so when Tony swings the chair he gets speared to the ground and Chris starts to punch Tony until he starts to bleed from the mouth and nose. Tony however is tougher than most opponents and kicks Chris in the body to get him off and then spears Chris to the ground and starts to give huge body shots to Chris until he goes down to one knee. Tony then runs at Chris, who moves out the way, which in turn slams Tony's knee right into the barricade as immense pain fills his face Chris chop blocks him down to the ground and stomps straight onto Tony's leg as he screams in pain*
    Nowhere you can go now is there?! What you gonna do know call that wife of yours to save you or get your great father to come and save you?!

    *Chris turns around with shock on his face but this quickly turns to anger as he rolls into the ring knowing he is a lot stronger than Anarchist and faster, however Anarchist knows Chris is weakened and dodges a clothesline and knees Chris' injured body to which he then hits a gutwrench and picks Chris up uses all of his strength to push him in the air and hits a catching RKO. He looks proud but then picks up his injured son and begins to walk him up the ramp and helps him along with the medical team to get Alex and Tony up safely*
    Let's go Anarchy, let's go Anarchy, let's go Anarchy
    *The chant rings around the arena as the segment ends*
    OOC-Frosty, I tried to go hard with the promo so I hope it's alright :emoji_wink: and I got Tony's consent before adding Anarchist and Alex into the promo, as well as the whole fight scene
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