Kayfabe The End.

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  1. *The titantron flickers for a few seconds before finally coming to rest, showing a dark, dangerous and familiar room. The communication point of Victor Sokolov is in clear view, Sokolov rises up from below the table. He has an emotionless expression. He slams his two fists down on the table, which makes a tremendous thud. He finally begins to speak.*

    Victor: I came here.... with a goal, a target. So far, it's been achieved. Destroy every single person that dares to step into the ring and face me. Last week.... was a joke, I lost to The Scat, because of one... single.... person. Rhys Haze. Ever since I took out his buddy, he has changed. He's not the Rhys Haze that every one once knew.... I've awoken the sleeping demon inside of him. That demon will finally be put to rest at Summerslam, in a Devil's Playground match.

    *The crowd boo loudly, but some cheer for the brand new stipulation introduced, Victor walks round the room, the camera following his every step.*

    Victor: Once I pin Rhys Haze twice.... he will be gone forever. His contract will be terminated... and as an extra bonus, so will his best friend's contract... Will Neilson. One day, he will come back, but not in time for Summerslam, and when he does return, he will find the words terminated in bold red letters, on his contract. He will be furious! He will be angry! And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you split best friends apart from each other. Will will know exactly who to blame, and that will cause the dynamite to go off, and the friendship will blow apart, just...like... that.

    *Victor reaches under the table and pulls out a bag and a switchblade, he pulls a familiar voodoo doll of Rhys Haze out of it, and places it on the table, he holds it up by it's hands and then walks it round the table.*

    Victor: Ring a ring o' rosies... a pocket full of posies... *lays the doll back first on to the table and starts to slice the head off.* A-tishoo... A-tishoo... we all fall down. *He finally cuts the head off and throws it away, he then pulls out another doll, which looks like Will Neilson, and makes it seem like it is holding the blade, he stabs it into the back of the Rhys Haze voodoo doll, and lets go of the Will Neilson doll.* We all fall down...

    *The camera flickers and flashes again, before finally coming back to a blank titantron. Some of the crowd are in shock and horror, it's do or die for Victor and Rhys, one will survive, and one will go down... like the rest......*

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