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  1. *Exodus comes back after adverts. We see The Webmaster standing in the ring with a mic in his hand, Reaper is next to him holding a mysterious black bag*
    The Webmaster: This is it. After Summerslam no longer will we worry about Ben Song's antics interfering with our plans, because this song Ben Song and his foolish friend both perish and shall not come back from the hell we put them in.
    *The Webmaster points to the titantron a picture of Ben Song appears, it is from the Warrior's Way match, he is lying on the floor and is bleeding profusely*
    The Webmaster: Ben, even I am repulsed at seeing such meaningless destruction. Which is why I'm being gracious enough to give you the opportunity to back-out of this match.
    *The Webmaster backs off and passes the microphone to Reaper*
  2. *Reaper steps forward being careful not to drop the black bag onto the floor, he requests silence from the crowd and after getting heavily booed the crowd calms down*
    Reaper: I know that everyone, including you, Ben, will come to us with the excuse of Ben Song being without a partner at Warrior's Way but in reality, not a place I like to tread, what difference does it make if Ben brings some no name rookie to our fight? It will take but seconds for me to leave them bleeding from head to toe. Then it would be an exact repeat of 4 weeks ago when The Webmaster and I dismantled Ben in the middle of the ring. Hell I even beat him last week, which helps show the downward spiral he's on.
    *Reaper takes a object out of his black bag, it's a sledgehammer, the one Ben Song broke the other week. He drops it to the floor and pulls another object out a small sealed glass of a red liquid*
    Reaper: Now to prove how much more resilient I am I will now drink the blood of one Ben Song.
    *Reaper carefully unscrews the lid of the glass container before drinking the whole glass of liquid in a few seconds*
    Reaper: Ben I know that where ever you are you are on the brink of death from the beating I gave you last week so trust me as I say these words. Give up and back out of the match. It's probably best for your health, trust me
    *Reaper grins at the camera you can clearly see his blood-stained teeth. Both Reaper and The Webmaster begin to laugh before being interrupted by.....

  3. *Ben Song walks out onto the ramp, he has a mic in hand. He is heavily bandaged from his match against Reaper*
    Ben Song: Hold on just a second, did you think I'd still be in the hospital? Ha! You really do underestimate me, as for turning down the match how about...
    *Ben Song points to the titantron a large 'X' appears*
    Ben Song: Nah. But more importantly when did you two grow a brain between ya? A couple of months ago if you had a mystery opponent you'd be shaking in your boots and screeching "Master Ben what should we do" down my ear. So to hear that your so confident gives me immense happiness because I get to beat your newly-formed brains out of your skull at Summerslam which will just be amazing. Sorry I'm sounding a bit like you now Repo man. I'll skip to the point. You say you'll easily take out my partner in the match, but what if... My partner is stronger than you? what's the backup plan? anyway I'm gonna go train now. Ciao.
    *Ben waves to the camera with his non-bandaged arm before walking backstage leaving The Webmaster and Reaper to argue amongst themselves*
  4. The lights begin to flicker before turning off completely and the music hits, bringing the titantron to life.

    Wolf walks out from the back with a decent pop, he stands at the top of the stage, looking down at reaper and webmaster.

    He looks at the SummerSlam logo on the side, and then back at the two of them.

    "You want to take me out?"

    His eyes scan the crowd.

    "Bring. It. On"

    He drops the mic and walks backstage with his music coming on again.

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