Kayfabe The End

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    *Todd McKay makes his way down to the ring in jeans and a black polo shirt. He has a mic in his left hand. His entrance is greeted with boos, when Todd gets in the ring the boos grow louder*
    Todd McKay: I don't care about what you think. Just shut up!
    *The boos die down as Todd straightens up his posture*
    Todd McKay: Thank you, see how easy it is for you irrelevant bastards to close your lips and let excellence speak... Reaper you think you're so cool with your black and red leather, but honestly you look like a hot topic model reject's depressed daughter. But anyway enough about fashion sense, of which you have none, lets move to the number one agenda. Declaring and showing my dominance over you. So to make this easy I have an assistant and video evidence.
    *Todd introduces his assistant Jerry Dil who is dressed as a parody of Reaper wearing a red and black gimp suit. Todd cradle DDTs Jerry and then puts his foot on Jerry's chest while a referee counts the pin. Todd then turns around and plays the footage of Himself hitting Reaper with a chair on repeat. Todd gets out the ring and walks backstage*