WrestleMania The Ending Just Killed It...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Apr 21, 2018.

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  1. Wrestlemania 32 ~ Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

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  2. Wrestlemania 33 ~ The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

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  3. Wrestlemania 34 ~ Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

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    Much like a film...a pay per view event can be made or broken
    by its ending. Being in the main event match of Wrestlemania
    is an important honor & sadly...well...the last few have been
    pretty awful (or at least I've read they've been awful).

    Now I will admit I have not & will never watch the main events
    for Mania 33 & 34...but that's okay...because I'm openly asking
    you all to answer this question.

    Which recent Wrestlemania had the worst main event & ended
    in the worst possible way?

    I know this is a negative question...and it may seem like I'm just
    trying to pick on Vince's favorite Plank of Wood again...and well...
    yeah...that's 110% true.

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do.

    Guilty as charged.

    Also...if you don't agree with the very "premise" of this thread and are
    about to spend your time typing some long diatribe about how its the
    crowds fault or the shows were too long or how Kevin Dunn doesn't
    try to mute the crowds as they boo...don't bother.

    Those "excuses" are not relevant to the question I am asking...so
    save it...and if you like you can start a thread asking people to vote
    on which recent Wrestlemania main event was best.

    Do we understand each other?


    So with that said I now throw this thread open to you my fellow members...
    in your own personal opinion which Wrestlemania had the worst main event?

    Be sure to vote & post your thoughts, comments & opinions below...and as always...
    I'll see you all around the traps.
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  2. Undertaker and Roman Reigns in my opinion

    I have very little memory of Triple H and Roman and the most recent one I didn't mind, the shocking amount of blood and surprise ending made me fine with it. The fans reaction was kinda funny to.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with asking negative questions or picking on the plank of wood. It makes for interesting discussions.
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  3. Undertaker vs Roman is the best out of the bunch. Even tho the match was poor it had the iconic moment of Taker stripping (that sounded better in my head)

    Brock v Roman was bad but atleast it was over quick. Plus no one expected Brock to win and thats cool that a match that was sooooo predictable wasnt predictable at all. Roman kicking out of 6 F5's offends me deeply. They really botched the build to this match...could of been way better.

    HHH v Roman was absolutley terrible. It went on for 20 minutes and it was boring. Plus it ended with Roman winning the title in silence (cuz WWE probably cut all the boos out)

    Roman has only had one good singles match at Mania. Wrestlemania 31 was legit a great main event. Roman needs to step a way until he is deserving to be in the main event with a good story and opponent. Fuck knows what Roman will be doing next year but he its going to be marquee match obviousley.

    Roman vs Rollins vs Ambrose should main event Mania one day.
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    I'd actually watch that match.

    Oh...and for the record...Match times...
    vs. Triple H: 27:11
    vs. Undertaker: 23:00
    vs. Lesnar: 15:55

    I agree...hence why its not mentioned in
    my original post. Of course the Rollins
    cash in makes it because I'm not really
    a fan of either guy.

    Especially considering only 1 F-5 put away
    Samoa Joe & Braun Strowman both in matches
    lasting less than 10:00 minutes.
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  5. Redboy kinda nailed it for me. The conclusion of that match did a lot to elevate it, especially if we're talking specifically about the ending of the event, the ending note of WrestleMania 33 is fantastic. The match was bad (embarrassing at points, and for a retirement match, it felt pretty robotic [t like it understood the formula to an effective retirement match but didn't have any of the emotion tied to it]), but the post-match salvages it, I mean kinda. I gave it 5/10 in my review which isn't a *good* score but both the HHH & Lesnar main events got a 2/10 so yeah.

    To be honest, I think the Lesnar match is worse, in the sense that I find the booking of it more problematic. Nothing in HHH vs. Reigns is as bad as kicking out of the F-5 five times. Kicking out of any finisher five times pisses me off, but a move that went out of their way to re-establish as the deadliest thing ever? It offends me to but I'd rather be offended than bored and holy cow was HHH vs. Reigns a never ending boring slog. I mean, Lesnar vs. Reigns was boring too until Lesnar decided to Elbow Reigns' head to death but HHH/Reigns felt longer than the rest of show combined, which is impressive because The Rock's segment took a year to get through as well.

    Needless to say, I am so happy that Ronda & Charlotte's main eventing next year.
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