The Enlightened Ones Group?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by HeatherSays, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. I posted it on the status thing but I figured I'd post something here, too. I am interested in creating a group called The Enlightened Ones. I am wondering who would be interested in this group being created.
  2. Anything with Sandow is a :yes:
  3. :sandow:
  4. lots of people are already a part of a team or even multiple teams
  5. Guess it's a good thing I asked you guys before making this.
  6. I made the sandow smilie, I am totally interested in joining :sandow:
  7. I totally want to be part of the group obviously since I want to make it because I really like Sandow. He impressed me from the very start. I am just a bit eh on spending 25 bucks to get the forum and the userbar if only a few people will be joining. XD


    I suppose I could start with just the smallest package and see if people become interested..and then get the next one? Idk.
  8. you make that group, thats a lot more late night ramen :haha: i think you could do well in the group, plenty of others have multigroups in their names. Do what you want, especially if Sackfist will join, thats an instant W in the cred dept.
  9. I think I am going to. My plan is to start small (with getting just the basic package) and as more people become interested I will upgrade it. :emoji_slight_smile: Thanks for the positive reinforcement dude :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. No problem boss, just make sure the color is good, half the people here choose groups based on color alone it seems.
  11. Well, it'll probably be purple since pink was taken and his ring gear is pink and purple. And I noticed that as well XD
  12. Got the Enlightened ones group made. Join if you'd like. It's only a userbar/color for now, but if 10 people join it, I will get it upgraded.
  13. I'm glad! :emoji_grin:
  14. Pedobear, seriously? Your group just got a lot darker.
  15. The color matches my tunic :gusta:
  16. :sandow: You're Welcome
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  17. Best group ever
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