The entire point of the ADR feud is to remind us how AWESOME Batista is RAWRRR

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  1. Seriously, what is the point of their match at the EC? Batista came back, whooped ADR's ass. Eliminated him from the Rumble. Smashed his ass through a table. And we're supposed to believe ADR has a chance to win that match? Such a waste of time. The feud, much like anything involving Batista, fucking sucks.

    so if ADR kicks DZ in the head once and DZ is nearly dead.... and Batista crushes ADR with one move every time... if DZ were to face Batista, DZ would probably be in a coma just seeing Batista's synchronized pyro/hand gestures.

    Batista gains nothing from completely raping ADR of his dignity. ADR obviously gains nothing by being raped of his dignity. The match probably won't be any good. Batista looks like he would rather be hanging out at a glory hole with his new look. and he is going to win the belt at Mania :shock:
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  2. It's just like the very same ADR/Kofi feud in 2011. Wishing the best of luck to Del Rio in his Mexican endeavors.
  3. They should have at least fed ADR to someone who could have gotten something out of it. Batista makes ADR feel like small potatoes, but say they fed ADR to a guy like Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt that is on the way up it would have meant something.
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  4. What if like Ziggler runs in and helps ADR win. How epic would that be? And at Wrestlemania 30 if it's Orton vs. Bryan vs. Batista. Batista will have Daniel up in the Batista Bomb formation and Ziggler will just run in and hit the Zig Zag allowing Daniel to get the win.
  5. Batista really doesn't feel like a returning star at all. Surely they HAVE to know by now that these "Face comes out to crush this dude every week before they go to PPV and he crushes them again" booking is the perfect way to get a monster heel over, right? That's how the fans perceive it... see Sheamus... see Orton... Hopefully that's part of the plan to turn Batista heel.

    Otherwise you're 100% right as always. Why not rush the Cesaro face turn to have him go over ADR?
  6. idk about you but I think Cesaro would find more success as a heel than a face.
  7. I think its more like "Hey I heard everyone hates ADR? Say he's boring and shit! I bet they'd love to see him get the fuck smashed out of him by Bortista! Let's do it! Creative team! activate! Form of, throwing shit at the wall! None of it sticks!
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  8. huh? His giant swing is the most over move in wrestling. people love the guy
  9. Good for those people.. When he can prove himself on the mic I'll have a further opinion.
  10. Only like 3-4 people get routine mic time. Orton, HHH, Stephanie, Cena... anyone else is going to get themselves over with ring work.
  11. Okay so I'll give you baby face at best and not even for long most likely..
    Cesaro has been on the pro circuit for what 14 years now? aside from his swing and european uppercut all I hear about him is how bad of quality his mic work is. If they turned him face he would have to get some mic time eventually and people would realize he's not all that special.

    This is all in my opinion by the way I just really never liked the guy back in CZW and then ROH and Idk I just really have never seen more than a successful heel so far.
  12. Did a literal spit take while reading that. :lol1:
  13. ADR will keep beating guys like Ziggler, and then Batista will keep coming out, as they try to make Batista babyface for the match and crowd. It won't work, and is a huge waste of time. The match will be alright, but expect to see Super Batista come out and take a lot of armbars and kicks to the face before he does a 2 hit combo. Spear, kick to the gut followed by his shit powerbomb.

    WWE really fucked up on this one, or maybe Batista is just doing a shitty job.
  14. Couldn't care less for this match I just hope its short so Shield and Wyats get tons of tv time.
  15. I somehow missed this gem.
    I really don't care about this ADR Vs Batista stuff.
  16. Just a feud designed to give Batista someone to squash until Mania gets here, nothing more. I don't mind the feud because it gets only a minimum of TV time anyway and the match will probably range from being pretty good at best to decent at worst (since ADR, for everything else you may say about him, rarely has bad matches) and honestly, what else would you do with Batista for the Elimination Chamber PPV? You could also argue that given ADR's lack of overness, putting someone else over him like Ziggler or Cesaro wouldn't really do anything for them either. I mean, Cesaro is already in the EC match, which is a much better spot to be in than against Del Rio in an undercard match that no one will remember a couple of months from now.
  17. Ziggler is done. I've stuck a fork in dat ass. He will never be involved in any thing significant again, and I'm convinced he and WWE will part ways in ~1 year when his deal is up.

    Nobody said anything about taking Cesaro out of the EC match. And I didn't necessarily mean ADR needed to feud with anyone at EC, was just saying if they were going to have ADR buried it could have at least gone to Bray or Reigns who are ascending as opposed to Bortista who is what he is, just some dude who used to wrestle and now he is back. He was never going to gain momentum after his return, WWE had to know it was all downhill after 1/20.

    As for Batista at EC if not ADR? Hell I don't know. Ideally Batista wouldn't have won the Rumble and the EC he could have just put over Brock. In reality with how things are Batista didn't need to do much of anything besides maybe come out for a face off with the EC match winner. Let's keep Batista's singles matches to a minimum
  18. Del Rio leaving you kno Vince was gonna bury him. Ziggler is right tho he should be putting upcomming talent over. D Bry Reigns someone on thr cusp should destory Del rio.
  19. That, and what is the point of a 90 second match? That doesn't put ANYONE over. This isn't MMA, people aren't "impressed" that ADR beat DZ in 90 seconds, they are confused. DZ can make your roster look like a million bucks if you let him. He can't do it in 90 seconds though.
  20. Exactly wrestling matches are ment to tell a story and in 90 secs ppl dont get " wow that guys a monster cuz he won in 2 mins" like they do in MMA/Boxing.
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